How to Play PvE – 2024 Guide

World of Warcraft is an extremely popular game that has captivated gamers with its exciting storyline and magnificent design for more than 15 years. Over the entire period of its existence, the creators changed its technology and principles many times, as well as the capabilities of individual characters. The constant updates touched on many nuances that are especially difficult for beginners seeking to master the most powerful PvE strategies.

How to choose a class and role?

This is the first thing a gamer should think about when deciding to fight powerful and insidious enemies in WoW. If you want to level up, first you should do your best in PvE with WoW Boost. To do this, you should use the following sources of information:

  • guides;
  • class channels;
  • Warcraft Logs;
  • videos of successful games of experienced gamers;
  • binds, macros and addons.

For a successful game, gamers need to like their characters. If that’s not your case, you’re unlikely to play with the required efficiency. When choosing a class, it is advisable for a player to take into account the strength and popularity of his hero in the current version. Your individual tastes can play an important role too.



Learning guides from more experienced players can be very helpful in learning how to play in your class. They will always contain detailed instructions on abilities, as well as recommendations for the best weapons and ammunition for your character.

If you’re looking for great and informative guides, you’d better check out or There are many recommendations for both classic and newer versions of WoW there.

When looking at the guides, you need to take into account that their authors are ordinary gamers who are prone to inaccuracies and errors. Therefore, such practical guides should not be considered absolutely accurate.

In addition, WoW quite often has updates, significantly changing the nature and principles of the game. Therefore, some of the guides compiled earlier may simply not be suitable for today. Therefore, players need to pay attention to when a particular post was published and how often its author writes something on the Internet.

Discord class channels

Discord class channels are another surefire way to get the most up-to-date gameplay insights. You can always find the channel you want using the regular search. Discord channels have two important advantages over guides:

The ability to ask a question to a real person in a chat: contact with other players will help you quickly find the right solution.

Class channels include not only helpful tips for casual players, but also trusted and complex calculations for experienced World of Warcraft players. Such information will help any player to quickly master new mechanics and other game techniques.

Moderators of class forums willingly publish information on how to choose the right ammunition for your character, improve the efficiency of your game and learn how to use all available mechanics.

Warcraft Logs


It’s a very informative source of information. But it is designed primarily for a professional gaming audience. Gamers sometimes keep diaries of their battles with opponents in the dungeons. It is very useful for new players to pay attention to their rating. However, gamers get it only when they have passed the initial raids and uploaded their log to the site. Other players who have witnessed their boss battles can do this for them too.

In Warcraft Logs, you will need to enter your name in the search box and go to your character’s page. Here you will see your own rank characterizing your position among other gamers by role and class. In this case, the lowest ranks are considered the best.

The rating doesn’t always evaluate player objectively, since this indicator is closely related to the characteristics of the ammunition of their character, as well as the opinions and assessments of other members of your game caste. But if your rating is colored green or blue, then you should think about the reasons why your success is so low.

To improve your playing skills, many experienced gamers advise you to compare your skills with the achievements of other, more successful participants in the same class or role.

In the “All Stars” subsection, you will have access to a list of categories related to a specific role or raid.

Then you can select a boss and see the logs of the player you are studying in this way. In this case, special attention should be paid to “Repeat” and “Spells”. The last log will show us all the gamer’s spells. You will be able to learn about the current and past abilities of this character to inflict damage, as well as his survival and healing skills. “Replay” gives you the opportunity to watch the recording of the battle in 2D.

After analyzing this information and comparing it with your capabilities and achievements, you get a good chance to find and eliminate all the bugs you have made in the game.

Videos of successful games of experienced gamers

Of course, watching full game recordings of other World of Warcraft players takes a long time. But on the other hand, it will be easier for you to improve your knowledge and skills.

Such a video clearly shows how a gamer acts in specific circumstances and what strategy he chooses to inflict damage on the enemy. In addition, videos give you an excellent opportunity to evaluate the bursts, thanks to which your character can grow offensive or defensive abilities.

Binds, macros and addons


In addition to reading guides and learning mechanics, it is very important for players to properly use the additional tools at their disposal.

A good gamer never forgets about addons. These additional services of WoW expand your capabilities, primarily because of useful information that they provide. There are many known addons for World of Warcraft. And if you want to improve your gaming potential, it would be better for you to install at least 10 of the most popular addons.

In addition, macros are of great benefit to professional gamblers. These include many conditions and commands that make your game easier and more efficient.

It is also worth considering that seasoned gamers rarely choose abilities with a simple mouse click. Each spell has its own keyboard shortcut. Experts do not recommend assigning ability binds to the “8” and “9” buttons of your keyboard, since they are located the farthest away, so you cannot effectively apply them during a real battle.