Hot Mothers Day Deals On iPad, Laptops, Dell, Lenovo, Thinkpad, Apple MacBook

Technology is nothing new for modern mothers and they are really expert at looking for information and meddling into the social networks without any hesitation. Provide these high-tech mothers with a good laptop seems to be the prefect present for mother’s day.

Techbargains™ store and website is one of the companies offering great deal to acquire a good laptop for this special occasion. For instance, the Dell G3 Intel Core i7 with a 6-Core processor is at $923.99 with a 12% off for the 17.3” and the 15.6” display models. Also from Dell, and with a 15% off, the Outlet Inspiron 5000 Intel i5 Quad-Core with a 256GB and a 15” display is at 464.95 dollars. The store is giving a 50% on any top tech device by simply subscribing to its newsletter, which will be delivered to the customer’s inbox daily. Moe details at the store website.

From Lenovo, there is also a great deal of offers for this mother’s day. For example, the ThinkPad X1 Carbon 5th Gen with seventh generation Intel Core processors and 14” Quad-HD display is at starting price of $1367.20 or it can be bought in 12 months with special financing from the manufacturer. With a saving up to 10%, the 6th Generation model of this laptop can be also bought with an initial price of $1367.10 with the same financing offered for all the company’s devices. There is also an $859.99 offer for the ThinkPad T480 with a 22% saving or the possibility of a special financing over 12 months. Visit the website to buy any of these products or check other offers provided by this computer producer.

Apple, the technological giant factory, is including some great offers for mother’s day in its products. As an example, the 12-inch MacBook with a 1.2GHz processor and 256GB storage is at $1299 and the 1.3GHz Processor with 512GB hard drive can be bought at $1599. Both products can enjoy a special financing offer for 18 months. Check the Apple website to find more details about this offer and financing.

These offers are available through the month of month or until items are in stock.