The History of EcoPayz

If you’re browsing through the cashier section of most online casinos, you’ll probably find EcoPayz listed in the payment methods accepted by the site. Online casinos deal with EcoPayz, and it’s a common payment method for funding your account or making withdrawals.

EcoPayz started as EcoCard. It’s a European financial services firm, founded by Phil Davies based in 2000, in Horsham, England.

EcoPayz offers its customers a convenient and effective method of sending money across 159 countries and 45-currencies. As EcoCard, the company focused on processing online payments, acting as a substitute for Visa and MasterCard credit cards when shopping or spending online.

EcoPayz is now a leader in the European pay card market, with thousands of satisfied clients. It’s a useful way to give yourself an extra layer of protection and privacy when paying for products and services online.

The card doesn’t have your account details at your bank, and there’s no way for hackers to intercept your account information.

In this article, we’ll unpack everything you need to know about EcoPayz, and how it can help you process transactions online securely and safely.

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How Do I Use EcoPayz for Deposits and Withdrawals at an Online Casino?


EcoPayz is a popular choice for making deposits and withdrawals at online casinos. Sure, you could use your credit card, but why give that information away or jeopardize the safety of your account on a site you don’t know? EcoPayz offers you the opportunity to make fast, effective payments in various currency options – at online casinos worldwide.

EcoPayz lets you deposit in your casino account using a seamless process similar to using your credit card for the deposit. To start, you’ll need to head over to the EcoPayz official website and register an account. The site requires personal information like your full name and date of birth.

You also have the option of linking your EcoPayz account to your nominated bank account, allowing for easy top-up deposits on your EcoPayz account. After finalizing your EcoPayz account and verifying your identity, you’re ready to start using it for online casino deposits and withdrawals.

Visit your favorite online gaming venue, and navigate to the cashier section. Click on the deposits function, and you should see the EcoPayz logo under the listed payment and deposit options.

After selecting EcoPayz as your preferred deposit method, the system prompts you through the transaction’s specifics. EcoPayz offers you the option of setting up your account using the EcoCard, EcoAccount, or EcoVirtualCard options.

It’s important to note that withdrawals are only possible through the EcoCard or EcoAccount options. Your EcoVirtualcard is only valid for single payments. When making your deposit into an online casino from your EcoPayz account, the funds will display immediately.

Withdrawals depend on the amount your withdrawing from the casino platform. Typically, smaller amounts under $1,000 will appear instantly. However, larger amounts might take up to 48-hours to reflect in your EcoPayz account.

Do Online Casinos Accept EcoPayz?


According to internet resources, more than 40 online casinos accept EcoPayz for deposits and withdrawals – and that number continues to grow as the company expands.

Most of the companies have headquarters near or in Europe. The European market is by far the largest consumer market for EcoPayz, but it’s getting an international following.

What are the Benefits of Using EcoPayz?


There are plenty of reasons why you would want to choose EcoPayz for depositing and withdrawing from your online casino account.

  • EcoPayz is a safe and secure payments system, encrypting all transaction data. As a result, you get safe and secure financial transactions on your account and no security threat from hackers. EcoPayz uses both SSL and TLS security certificates, and there’s no sharing of data between third parties.
  • When using your EcoPayz account, you get an extra layer of protection for your transaction. That gives you more anonymity and privacy when making online transactions. If hackers steal the card information somehow, they won’t be able to access your name or your primary bank account information.
  • As a result, you don’t have to worry about identity theft the same way you would use your credit card online.
  • EcoPayz offers you fast and convenient access to money anywhere in the world. Send payments across borders in seconds instead of waiting days at the bank. This e-wallet service saves you time and money on transaction costs.
  • EcoPayz also offers an app for iOS and Android devices, available for download from the Google Play or Apple App Store. Make your transfers from your nominated bank account directly into your EcoPayz account using your mobile device.
  • The app allows you to check your deposit and withdrawal history, allowing you to budget your gaming expenses.
  • Funds appear in your casino account immediately, and you get fast withdrawals on smaller amounts under $1,000.
  • EcoPayz is accepted for payments in 159 countries in more than 40-currencies.

What are the Disadvantages of Using EcoPayz?


There are few drawbacks to using EcoPayz to process your online payments and deposits at casinos.

  • The company charges fees on all transactions.
  • The withdrawal process can be slower for larger withdrawals (up to 48-hours)
  • The basic platform of the EcoPayz account is somewhat limiting, and you’ll need to upgrade to the EcoAccount to receive withdrawals.
  • Upgrading is a slow process and somewhat frustrating
  • The EcoPayz customer service is not great

Final Verdict on EcoPayz

EcoPayz is a relatively new player in finance but an established company in online payments. Since the company launched in 200, it’s steadily gained market share into one of Europe’s biggest pay card and e-wallet solutions. While it’s more for the European market, it does offer payments in a wide variety of currencies in countries throughout the world.

EcoPayz is also becoming more popular as a form of payment in online casinos. There is a growing list of online venues supporting EcoPayz deposits and withdrawals. We like EcoPayz and recommend it as a top choice for funding your casino account or making a withdrawal.