Healthy Drinks Diabetics Can Have Except Water

Without or low water intake has been proved as a major cause behind serious health issues. Although it doesn’t mean that you only have to drink water to keep yourself hydrated as a diabetic patient. There are numerous options of drinks one can have to keep themselves energized and hydrated.


When it is summertime, people get bored of drinking simple water all the time and go for other alternatives such as cold drinks, juices, energy drinks, etc. Well, being a diabetic you have to be careful of your choices concerning your health. But a glass of lemonade on a hot sunny day will surely energize you up.

Lemonade is a drink loved by everyone, kids, or adults no one wants to miss it. As compared to market ones, with more carbs content you can make a healthier lemonade yourself. Just stir some water with freshly squeezed lemon juice, no-calorie sweetener, and some ice to make it a perfect summer beverage.

Vegetable Juice


There are a lot of diabetic patients who do not prefer fruit juices because of their sugar content. Sometimes health experts also suggest medications such as Metformin and a better and healthier alternative, vegetable juices, especially for overweight patients. And when it comes to vegetables, there are a lot of healthy options available for a diabetic person.

You can go with vegetables like cucumbers, broccoli, celery, kale, other green leafy vegetables, etc. These vegetables won’t negatively affect your blood sugar content. Vegetable juices are not only a source of energy but also several healthy nutrients.

Detox Water

Detoxification of any kind of toxins is regarded as very essential for a healthy body. There are several ways through which you can detox your body. Detox water is also preferred as a healthier option for losing weight. And being a diabetic patient you need to have something that doesn’t affect the blood sugar level in any negative way.

So trying detox water with some diabetes-friendly options won’t be a bad option. There are a lot of options you can try such as cinnamon, apple blueberry, aloe, grapefruit, etc. You can detox, lose weight, and still keep yourself healthy by maintaining your sugar intake.



The importance of milk has always been emphasized since childhood. It is a calcium source but is enriched with fats, sugars, and carbs. As a healthy person, calcium is important but other substances may contribute to raised blood sugar levels. But there is no need to worry that you won’t be able to drink milk because there are several healthier alternatives to milk available. You can go with a combination of milk with almond, soy, coconut, rice, oats, etc.

These are not only dairy-free but also the carbohydrate content will be much lower. There is also some fortified milk available in the market that is packed with Calcium and vitamin D. Some products like soy milk may contain carbs while others may have protein. You must check and plan before incorporating anything into your diet plan.

Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is something that is liked by everyone from every age group. It is a comfy, warm, and go-to drink for a lot of options. Although hot chocolate in restaurants might not be the ideal choice for diabetic patients.

You can enjoy hot chocolate with diabetes just like any other non-diabetic person. But with a few alterations in the recipe, you can convert it into a healthier drink. By going for low-fat milk, 70% dark chocolate, 1 tsp of Vanilla, and some cinnamon according to your taste. And you have healthy hot chocolate ready with nearly 23gm of carbs.



The use and health benefits of herbal teas have been known to people for centuries. There are several herbal teas or herbal infusions that are great for diabetics. Teas such as black, green, cinnamon, hibiscus, chamomile, and ginger. Herbal teas along with medicines such as Metformin are also quite useful in managing type 2 diabetes. To know about the use of anti-diabetic drugs that are effective in this regard, click here for more details. But for tea, remember to keep it unsweetened for enhanced benefits.

Coconut Water

Coconut water is another great option if you are looking for something that is not only simple water but is also full of healthy nutrients. It will not only keep you hydrated but nourish the body with healthy nutrients. The rich mineral, potassium, vitamin B, electrolytes, plant hormones, amino acids content, and low sugar level in this water makes it a more preferable option as compared to several other drinks.

It is also helpful in pacing up your metabolism. Coconut water also helps in blood circulation and works as a fiber-rich source. And also a nice option for people looking forward to losing some weight.

Apple Cider


Apple Cider vinegar is one of the best home remedies considered for centuries. It is used in cooking and medications around the world. You can have it in diluted form with water. Studies have shown that if taken before bed or before a meal it works best to maintain the blood sugar level of the patient. As it has an anti glycemic effect and will have an impact on the glycolysis cycle in the liver hence benefiting the patient with increased levels of pre-meal blood sugar levels.

Low-Sugar Juices

Juicing for diabetes is an easier, energizing, and healthy option. Fruits indeed have more sugar content, that is the main reason why diabetics avoid fruit juices. But that doesn’t mean that all the juices have high sugars that will increase your blood sugar levels instantly. You can consult your doctor, take some medications and adapt to a healthy lifestyle to maintain your sugar levels.

Medicines like Metformin are usually recommended by doctors for diabetic patients together with a healthy diet plan. Juices, especially low-sugar cranberry juice, orange, peaches, apricots, apples, berries, pears, kiwis are good options. These fruits have important nutrients like vitamin C, Vitamin K, Potassium, antioxidants, fiber content, etc. Along with anti-inflammatory properties these will also aid in improving your metabolism.

A diet that doesn’t include an appropriate amount of water will have a direct impact on blood sugar levels. Drinking healthy drinks that have low sugar content will not only keep you hydrated but also have numerous health benefits.