Potatoes Can Help Reduce Blood Pressure, Help Loose Weight and Reduce Risk Of Cancer

Whether roasted, baked, or mashed, people often consider potatoes as comfort food. Potatoes are a highly nutritious food, very energetic since it has high carbohydrate content. So it has many health benefits.

Let us find out health benefits of consuming potatoes:

To have a good health of the heart

One of the main risk factors for heart problems is high blood pressure or hypertension. The potatoes are to be rich in components, nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. They have properties that can help lower the pressure. Also, they are rich in potassium which also allows the risk of hypertension to be lower.

Weight Control

Contrary to what is thought, potatoes do not get fat. This can clearly happen with the excess of any food and especially those that are rich in carbohydrates. Potatoes are a very satisfying food, so it may be helpful to consume it. It prolongs satiety after eating food, which prevents you from eating too much.

Relieve the Skin

Potatoes are not only beneficial for the internal health of the body but also to improve the condition of the skin. Its richness in starch gives it healing properties in external use.

Starch is a component which stands out for its softening properties. That is softeners and therefore leaves the skin soft and smooth. By applying potato on the skin, inflammation, pain is reduced. In addition, crushed potato juice can be used as a remedy to soothe pain in damaged areas. It helps to heal wounds, blisters, burns, bruises.

In aesthetics the potatoes are very useful since you can make masks with a boiled potato, for the care of the skin, to fight sunburns, acne, pimples. A few slices of potatoes can help rest your eyes that help to fight dark circles.

A diuretic food

The potatoes are very rich in potassium, a component that is useful to avoid cardiovascular problems due to its diuretic properties.

Other benefits of consuming potato in the usual diet help in cases of rheumatism, acidosis problems, urinals, prostate, stones, and Etc.

Treat scurvy

Scurvy occurs due to deficiency of Vitamin C. This disease is characterized by bleeding gums, cracked lip corners, and many other viral infections. Since potatoes are rich in Vitamin C, it can help to treat scurvy.

Reduce inflammation

Potatoes help to reduce inflammation both external and internal. Potatoes are soft and are easily digested. Also, it is rich in Vitamin C that is a good antioxidant which repairs tissue wear and tear.

Prevent cancer

Specific types of potatoes such as russet and red ones have a high level of Vitamin A and flavonoid antioxidants. That helps to protect you from various types of cancer. Also as per the study, potatoes have quercetin compound that has been proven to have anti-tumor and anti-cancer properties.

Treat diarrhea

Potatoes are the energy-rich diet for the people who suffer from diarrhea because potatoes contain mild roughage and easy to digest. However, if you will eat potatoes excessive, it can cause diarrhea because of an excess amount of intake of starch in the body.