Egg Can Help Boost Hair Growth and Control Diabetes – health benefits of egg

To avoid making the information so scrambled (see what I did there?) Let’s break it down into two parts, first one goes to benefits of eggs and hair growth, and the last one about the benefits of eggs and impact on diabetes.

Now, there are men and women who will often see long, healthy and voluminous hair as an unreachable dream that only people from Hollywood can have. And it gets worse when you are suffering from hair loss and brittle hair.

But, fear not. Would you believe that an ingredient as common and cheap as eggs could be the Hail Mary to all your problems? Well, you bet it believe it because it is true, eggs are excellent at preventing hair loss as well as promoting hair growth.

Eggs are made of powerful proteins, minerals, and B-vitamins, all of which are important nutrients for our hair. All these nutrients including biotin and the B-Complex vitamins are great for strengthening the roots of our hair thus preventing hair loss while they are also stimulating new hair growth, adds volume, and thickens the hairs. They also improve hair texture thanks to the proteins and the fats contained in the eggs.

So, you may want to start increasing your intakes of eggs in your daily diet to help your hair restore its might.

Now, let’s talk about how beneficial eggs are when dealing with diabetes, as it happens The American Diabetes Association have deemed eggs an excellent choice for people suffering from this disease.

The reason for that is one egg only contains half a gram of carbs, which turn keeps your blood sugar levels from raising up. On the other hand, they do are very high in cholesterol levels, we’re talking about roughly 200 grams by an egg.

That last factor is a matter of debate, however, because it is important to prevent cardiovascular diseases and for that reason, we have to watch the amount of cholesterol that enters our body. As good as they are for people suffering from Diabetes, you may want to be careful how much of them you eat.

The thing about eggs is that they have the power to make an already healthy meal into an even healthier one just by adding them to the mix, so you can easily be integrated into your diabetes diet. Another great thing about eggs and diabetes is that they reduce your insulin resistance.