Getting around Crete: Transportation in Crete Guide

The more we travel, the richer as human beings we get, and that is just a fact. Namely, by exploring and learning more about other people, their culture and customs, we get a much better insight into our own culture and heritage.

Of course, all of this gets even better when it’s mixed with breathtaking views and some historically rich sights. As for where to go and how to make the right decision, it all depends on personal preferences, but certain places like Crete are suited for everyone.

Yes, Crete is not just the largest island in Grece, but it’s also the most popular and gorgeous because it has to offer something for everyone. On the other hand, a common tourist question is what type of transportation to go with once they get to their desired destination, and that is precisely what we will further discuss.

Exploring the island by taxi


One of the fastest ways to move around every city in Crete is to catch a taxi, as the rides within the city are pretty affordable. Besides that, it is easy to find them as they are located near popular tourist attractions and every station, and since every licensed taxi is Mercedes of a grey color, it is not difficult to spot them.

The taximeter built into all of them is, in most cases, used for rides within the city, while rides to other towns have their fixed price, and it is necessary to ask the driver about them before starting the ride. It is good to know that the price is much higher during the night, so make sure to inform yourself in time.

Take a bus

Public transportation is something tourists have very opposite opinions about, and rightfully so. Namely, every tourist hotspot is crowded, and finding a bus, even though it is the cheapest way, can be pretty challenging. Of course, it’s all about how well organized the transportation is, as in most cases, it’s pretty easy to get around any city or favorite tourist spot.

That is why before traveling abroad, you should always check what others that traveled there have to say about public transportation. It can really be a lifesaver because if you count on saving a few bucks and getting a great route across some city without any difficulties, then checking reviews is where it all starts.

As for Crete, you will be glad to know that public transportation is top-notch and works flawlessly. Namely, buses come and go every 15 minutes, are well equipped, and most of them even have free WiFi. Besides that, it is the cheapest way to get around the city and come to the desired destination, and above all this, the route buses use will amaze you as you will find some pretty interesting and breathtaking sights. Overall, using buses to get around Crete should be on your to-do list, as it is one of the best ways to explore this magnificent island.

Stay in form by renting a bike


People who love to have an active vacation can enjoy exploring Crete on bikes, as you can rent them all over the island. Renting it is usually less than €20 daily, and the best thing is there are no additional costs, and you can enjoy relaxing rides with outstanding views.

Choosing a bicycle instead of any other means of transportation will keep you in perfect form and allow you to see some of the most beautiful places this island has to offer. However, you should know that driving the bicycle around Crete can be pretty challenging for inexperienced drivers thanks to the hilly roads, strong winds, and too many cars.

Renting a car

One of the best ways to explore every new place is to rent a car as it gives us the most freedom. We can go wherever we want, stop anytime we want to see something and visit any place on the island we like. Finding a rental company in Crete is not difficult, but it is always better to do the research in time and find the most affordable solution, as it is almost certain that renting a car at the airport or near larger ports will cost more.

Since this astonishing island has a lot of visitors, it is always better to book in advance, and thanks to the Internet, it is now much easier than ever.

Take a boat ride


Visiting an island such as Crete is not complete without taking a ride by boat, and if you are not interested in some longer excursions, you can visit some of the villages that cannot be accessed by road.

There are ferries and water taxis that drive you to those villages, and the price you need to pay is not too high, so there is no need not to visit them.

Besides the amazing feeling of being at the open sea, these villages are something every person who visits Crete should see, as they still keep the spirit of Crete in the best possible way.

Renting a motorcycle

The best solution for people who do not want to spend time in cars or buses and are not excited about driving a bicycle is to rent a motorcycle.

It gives us more freedom than a car, as it is easy to drive on busy roads, and we do not need to worry that we will be so tired after getting to our destination.


Wrapping up

These tips mentioned above should come in pretty handy, as you will find all the necessary info on each of the transportation types so that you can pick the right one for you while in Crete. Of course, the safety aspect is yet another pretty significant thing, and the safest option while traveling anywhere is private transfers, especially if you are traveling with your family.

It is the best way to get a perfect Crete experience, explore this island, and not have to worry about anything else that might occur along the way because as soon as you step outside the airport, private transfer vehicles will be waiting for you, and more info on that you can find at