10 Basic Tips and Rules to Follow when Furnishing Your Home

Interior furnishing is always unique for every house and room. No matter how small, big or open your room is, you can always decorate it to the best. However, more than any fancy product you buy, you need to follow some basic guidelines to ensure the decor looks pleasing every time. If you desire to furnish a new house or aren’t satisfied with the old look, here are the top ten tips to help you score an attractive interior outlook!

1. Arrange according to the space

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The first rule is decorating according to the available space. If you arrange a room or a balcony, you must ensure not to crowd all the things. For commonly used spaces like living rooms, balconies, and lobbies, always leave a center space and arrange your items along the walls.

Even in your bedrooms, bathrooms, or dining hall, ensure you leave out enough space around to walk easily. A crowded furnishing with too many carpets, chairs, and closets will only result in an uncomfortable and congested space.

2. Ensure ample sunlight and ventilation

Though fancy lamps and elegant chandeliers always go hand in hand with furniture, their artificial look can never beat the natural sunshine. If you design a room, your space should have ample windows for proper light and ventilation.

A dark and dingy room often seems packed up with a clogging effect where free air and natural light rejuvenate the look and promote interior freshness.

3. Watch out for colors everywhere

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Decor enthusiasts or even interior designers usually depend on colorful effects to liven up the room. Whether it is the sofa covers, wall paints, or flowers we put up, vibrant and multiple colors are always our first choice. But did you realize that so many colors will only create a jumbled mess, disintegrating the entire look?

It is where coordination plays an important role. Whenever you choose a paint, cloth, or cabinet, compare it first with its background and surrounding things. You can try interior designer apps or go through social media posts to get ideas and options.

4. Invest in the latest fancy furniture

If you aren’t aware, furniture covers the largest space and affects decor the most. Fancy and attractive furniture like foam sofas, standalone recliners, carved beds, glass-topped coffee tables, or polished wooden dining tables and chairs in vibrant colors and soft upholstery are certainly eye-catching assets to invest in.

Among the latest models, you can also find creative designs and added features to elevate the artistic look of wood and metal. You can refer to any furniture store gallery or this website to get trending ideas suitable for your preference and the room.

5. Opt for DIY only if you are proficient

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Self-painted chairs or DIY painted pots always allow you to create and design your dream furniture. DIY efforts can be the best option to reuse the discards, recreate the old and tarnished furnishings while saving your tremendous expenses.

However, if painting and carpentry aren’t your talents, you should refrain from putting up undone things. DIY with no skill and experience doesn’t offer a professional look, which can degrade the beauty of surrounding things. In short, a wobbly cabinet or irregularly painted vase will only look informal rather than an attraction.

6. Inbuilt wardrobes can be permanent assets

Decor apart, we always have tons of things lying around our rooms which create a messy look, degrading the efforts of expensive decorations. Thus, along with design and fashion, make sure you invest in wardrobes, cabinets, and shelves to organize your things.

These essentials needn’t be mundane designs or an old grandpa almirah, as you can choose in-built closets in walls, fancy cabinets of different shapes and colors, or have portable baskets and crates to store things. These permanent assets widen the room’s area and even improve the fancy decor.

7. Flowers and pots are priceless value adders

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Along with wood and metal furnishings, lively pots and plants also have a great decorative value. You don’t need to have a garden inside or be a crazy plant lover but can simply buy low-maintenance plants to arrange around the house.

You can plant potted shrubs like perennial flowers and ornamental plants in self-watering pots or AI garden systems to chuck out of the maintenance job. Plants in colorful pots arranged near windows or sofa sets elevate the elegant look and even purify the atmosphere.

8. Use mirrors and glasses for a luxurious touch

Glittering lights and shimmering glasses always add a luxurious effect to your room, multiplying the shine and glow. Glass doesn’t need to be a porcelain vase or an expensive chandelier but can be a part of simple items, like wind chimes and wall hangings.

Designed light bulbs, table lamps, or LED label stickers are also effective when you wish to add artificial lighting. If you find it difficult to maintain a glass top table or a china vase, look for the small decorative items stuck with glass beads and pieces to reflect the natural lights.

9. Check for grade and quality of material

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Furnishings like sofas, carpets, and cabinets are one-time investments that need to be of high quality to sustain for a long time. Check for the grade of material used, go through the reviews of stores before you buy them, and ensure every massive item has a warranty for damage repairs.

Low-quality models often lose their charm, break or tear quickly and ruin the attraction with their defaults. In turn, a high-quality product demands less maintenance and holds its luster for long.

10. Try to maintain a single theme

The theme is the backbone of interior decor, indicating that your furnishings should be uniformly compatible with each other. After you decide on the furniture, carpets, paints, and decorations you want, picture them together to check if they fit in a single frame without looking haphazard. For actual assistance, use the online interior decor apps to create a virtual blueprint before you finalize your choices.


Furnishing a house has countless tips to utilize every available product and design to glam up your space. However, since the room’s setup, available area, and your preferences vaguely differ, you can’t follow any single source of recommendations.

Instead, this article elucidates the general considerations and some common tips that can be helpful for one and all. Following these rules, you can easily pick out the apt furniture and decorative items among the bunch of options in the market.