4 DIY Beauty Hacks To Get The Best Out Of Your Eye Makeup

There is nothing better than a popping eye makeup look. It is very easy and cheap to include these simple tricks in your daily eye makeup look to take it up a notch and really get the very best out of your products.

DIY EyeShadow Primer

Set a long lasting base and make your eyeshadow last longer with this easy to make primer. It is cheap and works just as good as any name brand primer out there.

eye makeup


            BB Cream- 1 teaspoon
Concealer- 1 teaspoon
Aloe Vera gel- 2 teaspoons


Take equal amounts of your favourite BB Cream or tinted moisturizer and mix it in with any concealer that matches your skin tone. To this mixture add your aloe vera gel, which acts as a great natural primer, and mix well. You can store this mixture in any container with a lid and use it to prime your eyelids before you begin applying your eyeshadow and eyeliner.

 DIY Base EyeShadow

Forgo eyeshadow and use a gel liner to get long-lasting, budge-proof coverage. This is especially great because liner is usually much cheaper and the result is a chic eyeshadow base that lasts much longer than most other products.

eye shadow makeup


            Gel eyeliner
Blending brush


crosshatch gel liner onto lids and blend well using a fluffy brush. Use this technique for base colours like browns and blacks.     

DIY Gel Liner

Turn any eyeliner pencil into super-intense gel liner. This can this be used as a base eyeshadow or even to get that dramatic winged look.

eyeliner makeup


            Pencil eyeliner
A flame (candle, lighter, stove top)


Take your favourite eyeliner pencil in any colour and hold under a flame for 1 second. Let it cool down for about 15 seconds before using it as a gel liner. You will be saving money and getting the best out of your kohl pencils.

DIY False Lash Look

Get the drama of false lashes without the extra costs and fussy application problems. This method does not need any fancy products or great makeup skills.

mascara makeup



Baby Powder



Between applying each coat of mascara, dip a Q-tip in baby powder and run across your lashes, focusing on the tips. The second coat will attach to the powder for a longer, fuller look.