5 Simple Ways to Enhance the Security of Your Home in Tucson

We live in a dangerous world. Although cities in the western world are considered less dangerous than some in Africa or Asia for example, they are generally far from safe and it is always necessary to enhance the security of our homes in every way. After all, our home is a place where we need to feel safest and not have to worry about ourselves or our family. There are various ways we can enhance security, some of which we know, and some often do not occur to us because they seem too simple. But even though they are simple, that do not mean that they are not very effective.

If you live in Tucson, Arizona, many will surely envy you on never ending summer and the many other benefits that life in Arizona offers. But you know there is also a downside to life in Tucson, as it is considered the most dangerous city in the entire state. To keep you safe, we will tell you how to protect yourself as well as possible and avoid burglaries, but also other dangers, such as poisonous animals that are always a threat in a desert environment.

About Tucson

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The first paragraph is for all those who are planning to move to Tucson, not for those who already live there and know everything. We will tell you a little more about this city, and above all about security.

It is the second largest city in Arizona, with a population of just over half a million people. Although it is safe compared to many other cities in America, it is still considered the most dangerous in Arizona in terms of the number of violent crimes per 100,000 people, as well as the poverty rate. The cost of living is relatively low, which attracts many people from the social milieu where there are the most burglars and people who commit other types of crime. There are also a lot of addicts, who do not think about the consequences but just try to get money. That is why you must be careful and invest as much as possible in the security of your home. The South Side is the most dangerous part of the city, where we believe you will not move in, but you will come to other parts that are very safe when we think about how big this city is. But it often happens that many from poor areas start breaking into areas where the middle and upper classes live. Car thefts are also very common. Also, don’t forget that many venomous animals live in Arizona and it is not uncommon to be found even in the city.

Simple ways to enhance security:

1. Light up your home

Very well lit places are never ideal for burglars and thieves because they can be easily spotted, and also the footage on the camera will be very clear and it will be easy for the police to find them. Lighting also has a psychological effect, so it is very important that you light your house and yard well. Do not allow any part of your yard adjacent to the house or driveway to be in the dark. It is an ideal place where a burglar can hide and wait for the moment to break into house. Motion-activated lights are a great choice, although they can be annoying because they will often be activated by cats and other animals. So have a few motion-activated lights and a few that work all night. To think about the environment, buy solar-powered lights. This is especially useful in Tucson where there are so many sunshine hours, so all that lighting you install will not negatively affect your electricity bill at all.

2. Secure locks are a must

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We have all been locking our homes for decades, because the 50s are long gone when we all slept peacefully. But it won’t be worth it to lock it if your locks aren’t good. If they are not of good quality, a locked door will only give us a false sense of security. Remember that in over 30 percent of cases, a burglar just walks in through the front door, even though most think it almost never happens. There are various types of locks, and it is up to you to choose the one that suits you best. Additional info at https://locksmithtucson.us/ a professional locksmith company from Arizona, Tucson will give you answers about different types of locks.

3. Install security systems

Of course, the best way to protect your property are security systems that usually include alarms and video surveillance. Wireless systems are the best, it’s just important to make sure that the batteries are always full. Here again you can choose solar-powered systems, so you will be sure that everything always works. Choose cameras in HD or 4K resolution, because they are no longer expensive, and will give a crystal clear picture, and you will always be able to check the situation via your smartphone, even when you are not at home. In addition to providing the best possible security for your home, you will also receive a discount on your home insurance.

4. Pay attention to the garage

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The garage is a very common entry point, as it gives direct access to the house, and is often not even close to being secured like the house itself. So also install cameras in the garage and install quality locks. Not only is breaking into the house the only danger, but valuables that are in the garage itself can be stolen from you.

5. Watch what you post on social media

Many people are used to announcing their every step on social networks. This includes going to the vocation and all the other moments when they leave their house. That is a huge mistake. This way you are literally informing all potential burglars that it is the ideal time to target your home. So be smart and post photos only when you get back home from vacation.


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It would be good to have trusted people in the neighborhood, who will monitor your house when you are not there. Also, give them the keys so they can check the condition inside your house.