Detox and Cleanse Kidney Naturally – Keeping Your Kidney Healthy

The kidneys are known to be the “filters of the body” along with their buddies the liver. They filter out the toxins and other wastes from your blood, while also keeping “homeostasis” which is a balanced state of our body where our blood pressure, minerals, water, and hormones are kept under strict regulation.

Kidneys are also in charge of adjusting the acid/alkaline balance in our bodies and regulating the levels of fluids as well. They also keep a close watch at our levels of sodium, potassium, and phosphorus running in our blood.

They are also responsible for the production of several important hormones, for example, one that stimulates red blood cells production and another that regulates blood pressure and another one that produces vitamin D needed for the strengthening our bones and enhancing our immune system.

So, as you can imagine with all the work the kidneys does for us they tend to get overworked with way too many chemicals, and medications, and processed foods, beauty, care, and cleaning products, preservatives, and the cherry on top, environmental pollution, they get so bombarded that they are unable to handle all at once. Actually, with our current chemical-friendly society all of our kidneys are already working at less capacity than they should.

If your kidneys happen to be overloaded with toxins you’ll experience some of the following symptoms, dry skin, fuzzy vision, skin rashes, fatigue, hair loss, drowsiness, palpitations, incontinence, high blood pressure, kidney stones, nausea, fever, diabetes, anemia, cramps amongst other, then you may want to consider a healthy kidney cleanse to restore your kidney’s health.

If you want natural ways to cleanse and detox your kidneys, there are certain fruits you can eat, like grapes, blueberries, and cranberries. They will help your kidneys flush out uric acid and bacterias from your urinary tract.

Other natural diuretics are dandelions, asparagus, celery, and parsley which in addition to being powerful diuretics they are very effective at flushing out uric acid.

And of course, there are dedicated products meant to safely cleanse and detox your kidneys in an equally effective way than the natural options. These formulas are developed to give our kidneys a boost in getting rid of all the toxins.

However, if you want your cleanse to be 100% effective, then you may want to at least make your environment (Home) toxins free using dedicated cleaning products to accomplish this in an effective way.