Naturally Cleanse and Detox your Liver – Keeping Your Liver Healthy

Did you know that the liver is our body’s biggest organ? And did you know that the liver is responsible for more than 500 different functions within our bodies? Well, it is.

One of the most important functions the lives does is the detoxification and neutralizing toxins. So, many people who realize this about the liver will be attracted to the idea of performing a cleanse to help the body after a fender bender weekend. Giving your body a healthy kick by boosting your metabolism and making you lose weight.

There are some standard ingredients we found in our household that could have a major beneficial impact in our quest to cleanse and detox our bodies.

Let’s begin with Milk Thistle, this is actually a very popular natural liver cleanser because of how rich it is with anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. And in addition to that is very good at helping reduce liver inflammation.

Then there is turmeric, this is a great way packed with anti-inflammatory properties which helps to prevent development, and worsening of any liver-related disease.

Doing a liver cleanse and proper detoxing can help you to lose weight, as many of the “foods” used to perform these cleanses are incredibly healthy and have positive impacts on our metabolism.

If you want to conduct a proper cleanse and detox that would also help you to lose weight, then you may want to start by switching to high-quality unprocessed foods brands, fruits, unprocessed whole grains, vegetables, and nuts.

Drinking raw vegetable juices is also another great way to help you effectively cleanse your body. You could always increase your intake of raw vegetables, but you just wouldn’t reach the necessary amounts, however, by turning them into a juice form, it will be easier for you to consume it.

The best vegetables to turn into juice are cabbage, Brussels sprouts, and cauliflower. Sure, those combinations aren’t very tasty, but you can always combine those veggies with carrots, cucumbers, and beets to improve in the flavor and in the effects of the detoxing.

Another great way to naturally cleanse and detox your liver is to switch to a rich potassium diet. It helps to lower our systolic blood pressure, levels of bad cholesterol, and keep our cardiovascular system in top condition. And you don’t need to buy potassium supplements, you can get what you need from eating sweet potatoes, tomato sauces, spinach, and beet greens.