Design Your Dream Living Room

As a high-traffic area in every home, the living room is a space you design to meet your household’s comfort and functional needs. It’s important to have a space where everyone in the home feels welcome, especially if you entertain often. You want a room where people can sit comfortably and interact seamlessly with one another.

A living room with bulky furniture can feel overcrowded and cluttered, so taking measurements is extremely important before you begin searching for furniture. Get out that tape measure and figure out the appropriate width, length, and height for the furniture. Remember to keep it proportionate to the space’s natural elements.

For example, if you have low ceilings, a sofa set with high backs will overwhelm the space. Low-back furniture will not fill in the space if you have high ceilings and leave the room looking incomplete.

Does the room get a ton of natural light? Then you want to place the seating to take advantage of this feature. But, if you’re placing a TV in the living room, make sure it’s not in that dreaded space where the glare will ruin your binging experience.

How you intend to use the room is another consideration to make before you start browsing for new furniture. Will it be a formal sitting room or a media room? Will it also serve as a workspace for you or your children?


This makes a difference in the type of furniture you’ll use for the space. If you use it as a sitting space for entertaining and want a classy vibe, formal furnishings are the way to go. If you want guests to feel more relaxed, then casual-style furniture will allow them to kick their feet up as they engage with one another.

If the space is going to be your media room where you will binge watch tv shows and be kept on the edge of your seat by suspenseful movies, then you’ll want furniture that not only seats you but has functional purposes. Of course, the seating should be comfortable as you’ll be in there for a while. And while you’re seated, the last thing you want to do is interrupt your streaming to get your snacks or drinks.

A sofa set equipped with cupholders in the armrests and hidden snack trays will alleviate the issue. Are you streaming from a mobile device and casting it to the TV? Then furniture with USB ports will ensure your mobile devices stay powered up for a smooth experience. You can find sofas, loveseats, side tables, and coffee tables with these features that make modern living easier.

As you continue to think of ideas, you can search online for inspiration. Design your dream living room on this website, and save yourself time and money. With discounts of up to 75% off, you’ll find the pieces you’re looking for.


Reclining seating will also contribute comfort and ease to your media room. You can find a sofa where all the seats recline, including the middle seat. Or, you can choose to buy reclining loveseats or movie theater-style chairs for a more immersive experience.

The choice of sofa set can greatly impact the look and feel of a room with low or high ceilings. In spaces with low ceilings, opting for sofas set with low backs helps create a sense of openness and prevents overwhelming the space. On the other hand, high ceilings can benefit from sofas set with high backs, as they add verticality and balance to the room, preventing it from feeling empty or incomplete.

You’ll also want to choose the tv stand or entertainment wall for the space. If your space is limited, a simple stand that’s large enough to hold the tv will do the trick. If you have the room for an entertainment wall, take advantage of it and find something unconventional to impress your guests.

Are you or your kids using the space for work? If so, you’ll want to leave room for a desk. A desk with a hutch will take up vertical space so you can keep floor space open and still have storage for necessities.

Storage is an important aspect to also keep in mind. Ottomans can provide hidden storage and additional seating for those unexpected guests who drop in. Coffee tables and side tables have designs with drawers and shelving to keep items tucked away and out of public view. You can use bookshelves to store more than just books. They make great displays for framed family photos and souvenirs.


Once you know the pieces you need to satisfy your household, it’s time to think about a color scheme. Pick a color palette you will be able to live with for several years. Neutrals are great if you like to change décor seasonally or for holidays. You can use pastel-colored pillows when springtime comes along, bright colors for summer, subtle browns and oranges for fall, and cool blues for winter.

If you prefer a vibrant living room, don’t be afraid to play with bold colors. Choose colors that complement each other rather than clash. Contrasts are great, but be sure to stick with the color palette you’ve chosen so that you don’t get carried away and have the room feeling disjointed.

Textures can add depth to a room, especially if you decide to go with a monochrome design. Try out a nice plush carpet and find faux fur pillows. Or you can go with a rustic theme and include weathered coffee tables.


The sofa set can also have different textured elements that help it stand out. Nailhead trims on upholstery are one way to modernize the look. Glass is another texture that will beautify the space. Glass tabletops bounce light around the room and work well with open floor plans. There are several options to try as you create a comfy living space.

Accessories are the perfect way to add a bit of your personality to the space. As you finish the design, think about your hobbies or talents to incorporate into the design. Whatever you choose, be sure it reflects a part of you that you don’t mind sharing with guests. If you love boats, nautical-themed decorations will give visitors a deeper sense of who you are. Your family will make plenty of memories in the living room, so don’t hesitate to turn it into a dream space that everyone will love for years to come.