Wondering How Your Favourite Actress Stay Slim? Here Are The Diet Tricks the Stars Use to Stay Thin

We all know that celebrities have flawless bodies. They have great hair, great skin texture, flat tummy, and great legs. So, what does it take to have all of this, and shine brightly in the middle of the crowd? If you want to have a perfect body, you need to eat right!

Yes! Food is the ultimate requirement of every living being. And as a human being, we need to eat the right food. Food can shape our bodies and is partially responsible for it. And celebrities take care of their bodies like a temple. They eat the right food and exercise the right way. Diet plans of celebrities are the goals for almost everyone out there in the world. Their diet plans aren’t their choice but is carefully designed by their personal body trainers, and nutritionists.Want to know their diet plans? Let’s have a look at some of the top Indian celebrity diet plans.

Deepika Padukone

The Padmavati actress is known for her natural beauty and tip-top body shape. So, what’s her secret? She regularly eats small meals at every 2 hours of interval. She always has two egg whites with low-fat milk in the breakfast.She loves her veggies and has them at lunch with grilled fishes.

She is fond of almonds and has them in snacks with filtered coffee on the side. She avoids overeating and prefers vegetarian for her dinner, and avoids rice for dinner at all cost.  Deepika is in love with fresh fruit juices instead of the packed juices and has them every two hours.

Priyanka Chopra

She is known best for her role in Quantico. She has the perfect lips and body that every Indian girl dreams of. She does have a tight schedule traveling to the USA and India. She has outdone herself in the field of action movies. She is an excellent candidate for a female actor in action movies. What does she do to maintain herself?

Priyanka is a fan of a balanced diet program and energizes herself by eating every two hours. She loves oatmeal and a glass of skimmed milk for breakfast. She always has a handful of nuts with her. Priyanka is fond of coconut water and loves having them regularly. She has normal Indian food with lentils (daal), and tortillas (roti) with vegetables on the side. She is particularly fond of the sprout salad.

Alia Bhatt

Known for her best movie, ‘Student of the Year’. She is one of the top celebrities that is the role model for many teenage girls in India. She is a perfect young lady with perfect body image, confidence, and self-esteem. Indian girls always look up to her and follow her footsteps. So let’s look into her diet plans.

She starts her breakfast with flattened rice (poha) and sometimes vegetables. She loves her mid-morning snacks with idli with samber. Her lunch is mainly with lentils (daal), and tortillas (roti) without any butter. She always has her hot beverages without sugar. And she always follows one important rule, she eats two hours earlier before retiring to bed.

So these were the top celebrities with their diet plans. I hope you do follow their footsteps and get that celebrity body of yours. Get the right food with a great amount of nutrition, vitamins, proteins, and fibers. Eat Healthy and Live Healthy!