Simple Home Remedies For Stomach Pain

One of the most common bothering situations people can face is stomach pain. This annoyed ache has been showed in different range of ages and health conditions; from young babies to adults, through healthy conditions people to ill-terminal patients. Stomach pain does not distinguish and attack any of these groups without any consideration.
You would ask yourself: How to deal with it? In the following lines, five home remedies would be suggested to ease this pain and get the desired relief out from this awful discomfort.

Here are some recommended treatments for aches in this important organ of the digestive system.

1. Use a heating pad or Hot water bottle.
This is a simple remedy to apply, which has proved very effective in dealing with this ache. It is the first advisable step to get rid of this pain, so it is good to try it as soon as the discomfort appears. Assure yourself when using a heating pad that the water is in the warm temperature range, just in case for avoiding any burns from the hot liquid.

Just put an electric blanket, heating pad or hot warm water over the affected area and in 15 minutes the healing effects of the warmth and the pain will vanish slowly but effectively.

2. Take some mint
Mint has been considered as one useful natural remedy for stomach pain for years. There are different ways to try it, from eating some fresh leaves to drink it as a tea, including eating strong (recommended) peppermint candies.
The soothing effects of mint would take short time to give the desired effect and the relief would be thanked as soon as you start to feel it.

3. Drink lemon tea.
Another helpful beverage to get some help dealing with stomach ache is lemon tea. Not only the good smell and taste of this infusion, it is a plus to take it, but also its main ingredient makes the stomach produces more acid. This action allows your stomach to improve digestion.
To avoid the bitterness of lemon, put some honey or some crushed mint leaves in the infusion and drink as watching the pain fades away.

4. Try to take some Ginger
As a natural remedy for nausea and pain, ginger is one of the choices to take once the stomach starts to ache. It is advisable to take it fresh and in thin slices to be chewed to soothe the pain. But if the strong flavor of ginger is not bearable, it can be made as tea using grated or sliced ginger in boiling water. To smooth the taste, honey, lemon, or mint would be added.

5. Settle your stomach with baking soda
As one of the main component of most antacids, baking soda is an effective remedy to ease stomach pain. Mix it with warm water and drink it as once. It can be done repeatedly during the day if the ache tends to repeat over and over again. Drinking until relief is gotten and the pain fades away.

It is necessary to take into account that if the pain is persistent and intense, there is the presence of constant vomiting for more than two days, dizziness, and bloody or black bowel movements; a physician should be consulted at once since the remedies described above will not be effective at all and a stronger treatment is required.