Understand Coordinate Jewelry In Detail And How To Find Coordinates

Coordinate jewelry allows you to reveal your personal style. It is not a boring, lifeless piece of jewelry. Coordinate jewelry includes an engraving or hand stamping of special locations or GPS onto a bracelet, cuffs, earrings, necklace, etc. It is an ideal way of creating an emotional keepsake to celebrate a memorable event, occasion, or time spent with someone too close.

Engraving your initials or locations or dates on the GPS coordinate jewelry is the current trend. Coordinate jewelry represents the best moments in your life. For more personal and sentimental custom-made, handcrafted jewelry visit ourcoordinates.com and browse through the engraved pieces of jewelry. The quality is supreme and the rates are economical.

You don’t need to spend hundreds on a unique gift but with coordinated jewelry, commemorate a memorable event. For example, you are in a long-distance relationship. You can have a GPS coordinate bracelet customized that will make the distance feel less and closer to someone special all the time. There are the latitude & longitude pendants that have kept families separated with miles feel close, despite the distance.

What does longitude & latitude jewelry remind you of?

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You can wear it to honor someone like –

  • Lost loved ones [place where they resided or where their ashes were spread.
  • Long-distance relationship.
  • Family member residing afar.
  • BFF moved to a different country.
  • First date with your wife.

Commemorate special milestones like –

  • Graduation
  • First job
  • Proposal
  • Wedding
  • Anniversaries
  • Birth of your child

Remember a treasured location

  • Where you spent your childhood
  • A memorable trip
  • The first home you bought
  • Your future dream home

Things to consider before customizing coordinate jewelry

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It doesn’t matter if you desire to personalize GPS coordinate jewelry for yourself or someone you love. Ensure that the spellings are correct because fixing a misspelling can turn out to be costly and time-consuming. It can also be a little embarrassing! Some things to consider.

Understand GPS coordinates

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Alphanumeric characters used to express a special geographic location are called GPS coordinates. Global Positioning System [GPS] includes 30 different satellites that revolve around the Earth’s orbit. The GPS coordinates are intersection points on a 2D or 3D grid system. In general, the GPS coordinates are expressed in latitude & longitudes. Latitude & longitude are thought to be a kind of physical address on the globe.

Familiarize with latitude & longitude

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Both include some numbers that identify a unique positioning of address on Earth’s surface. According to the equatorial reference plane, latitude is a horizontal position marking of geographical location. The Equator is a horizontal line that divides the earth into Southern and Northern hemispheres.

Meridians running from one pole to another marking vertical positioning are longitudes. The vertical line that separates the Earth into the Western and Eastern hemispheres is called the Prime Meridian.

  • Latitude point ranges from +90°N to -90°S
  • Longitude point ranges from +180°E to -180°W

Learn about the different formats of GPS coordinates

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You can divide GPS coordinates format in two ways.

  1. How to divide the degree?
  2. How to express the direction?

You can divide degrees into minutes and seconds, whereas directions can be expressed with letters and signs. The three formats are –

  1. DMS [Degrees, Minutes, & Seconds]
  2. DDM [Degrees & Decimal Minutes]
  3. DD [Decimal Degrees]

The jewelry size will determine the format. The DMS coordinate is popular because of a blend of the letter, number, and signs. The DD format is the shortest and is suitable for small jewelry like coordinate rings.

Different formats also help to express different specificities. For example, if you desire to engrave a specific location like your first dinner date at a restaurant 5years ago, then the DMS format is suitable. A few people say that without the degree, minutes, and seconds the location includes a wide area. The remaining people suggest something opposite. Remember, in any format, you choose to engrave the coordinates, the memory that comes to mind is the same.

How will you find coordinate to engrave onto the jewelry?

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  • Google Maps

You can find GPS coordinates on your own using Google Maps. Google allows you to use this online tool for free. Enter the location address on Google Map’s search feature. After you confirm the location do the following –

  • Right-click on location
  • From the drop-down menu choose ‘What’s here?’
  • At the bottom, a text box appears revealing coordinate numbers in Degree & Seconds or DS format
  • Click on the text box and you will be directed to a detailed section of Google Maps. Here you will see the coordinates in DMS format.

Google Map allows zooming in and seeing the minute location details. For example, if you are not still unsure about the park location your husband proposed, then select the yellow person icon from the right corner. Drag and drop the icon on Google Map location. It offers the location’s street view, so you can verify the exact location necessary for coordinates.

  • Coordinate jewelry options

You plan to buy a customized coordinate jewelry but are unsure whether to buy a bracelet, necklace, or ring. If it is for yourself buy the right design and style that complements your wardrobe.

  • Coordinate necklace

You can customize GPD coordinates on state necklaces. This gives a thorough personal touch. The GPS coordinates engraved on a state allow remembering a specific location along with the state.

  • Coordinate bracelet

The sleek and minimalist bracelet that looks like a bangle is ideal to stack or wear solo.

  • Coordinate rings

The adjustable wrap-around rings can fit any finger. They look dainty and modern. It is a great way to keep meaningful memories always close.

  • Coordinate bar necklace

Add the rose gold Sterling Silver bar necklace to your collection or gift it to a loved one with engraved meaningful location coordinates. The recipients always cherish such thoughtful gifts.

  • Coordinate mountain necklace

You have a special cabin in the wild mountains, which holds multiple childhood memories. Mountain coordinate necklace helps to commemorate the favorite outdoor spot.

  • Coordinate disc pendant

You can customize coordinates along with a heart in the disc’s center as a gift to your loved one. Choose rose gold or sterling silver finish.

Engraved coordinate jewelry is a unique way to remember the special moments, which are never forgotten!