A Complete Guide on Diamond Sawing

Diamond sawing and drilling is a robust process and is known as the most effective cutting agent in the construction industry. It will ensure a high-quality cut for the projects and reduce processing time and effort. Sawing and drilling are used for various industrial works.

The machines are advanced with minute grains of a diamond. It is one of the most complex substances in the world, making it a prime choice for sawing and cutting. It is performed by the sawing specialists, aiming to achieve precision in the outcome.

Compared to other abrasive materials, the benefits of these methods are proven. It shows high wear resistance, excellent grinding capacity, and high wear resistance. Overall, it assures high-quality and accurate cuts for the projects.

About Diamond Sawing

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Sawing is the most common manufacturing process in the industry. It may be less attractive than some machining technologies, but it is still a significant operation. It is versatile, reliable, and straightforward.

The manufacturing process involves diamond grains on the saw ridges using heat. It seals the crystal. The crystal fragments over the tool and create more cutting surfaces. It is advantageous over other abrasive materials such as silicon carbide and corundum. They also use different methods if needed, such as electroplating and ceramic.

The construction industry uses synthetic diamonds regularly. Due to its wide range in thickness and size, it allows customization. The diamond’s molecular structure is compact to provide greater density. The small crystal can easily cut through the hard material while the larger one cuts through the soft material. Hence, the diamond density is compared to its impact strength and heat withstanding capabilities.

The saws generate less heat during an operation. It produces less dust and debris, preserving the integrity of the concrete. Hence, the chances of structural damage are reduced. The velocity of blades is high, but they produce less noise. The higher speed of saws has less noise and resonance, making it a safe option for workers.

About the Sawing Equipment

The diamond sawing equipment has advanced tools embedded with diamond grains. It is the most effective cutting tool in the construction industry. Diamond is the prime object for use in concrete cutting as it is known as the hardest substance on the planet.

The equipment falls into four basic categories: bandsaws, circular, hacksaws, and abrasive saws. Each type is essential for its unique utilization. When it is applied correctly, it produces effective and efficient results.

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Workers are most familiar with bandsaws. It is the most versatile and cost-effective style of a saw. They can cut a range of materials compared to other types of saws. Their feed rates and speeds are accurate and repeatable. Bandsaws have two styles -horizontal and vertical. Both are similar, but the blade orientation provides different advantages per the application.

Plate Saws

Plate saws are the most complex version, which is also automated. It is used in thermal cutting, such as laser or plasma arc. It has a large table that accommodates an entire plate saw to cut square, odd-shaped, rectangular pieces.

Horizontal Saws

It passed the blade through the material during the cut. It holds material stationary and is better suited for cutting long pieces of fabric like bar stock or pipe. It has a similar configuration as a bandsaw but incorporates a reciprocating motion to cut. They are slow but effective.

Circular Saws

Known as cold saws, it is an excellent choice for achieving accurate results. It has workpieces that can fit between the edge of the blade and the arbor where the blade mounts. The compact size makes them ideal for cramped work areas but has limited capacity. It is manually operated.

Abrasive Saws

As the name implies, it utilizes blades made from abrasives. Usually, aluminum oxide is enveloped in a fiber-reinforced resin. They are hot and not highly accurate. Their easy-to-use function makes them low in maintenance. It is used to remove gates, sprues, etc.

Different types of Diamond Sawing

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Floor Sawing

It is the most commonly used diamond cutting method. Typically, it cuts the horizontal flat surfaces such as roads, floors, decks, runways, bridges, slabs, and pavements. It provides expansion joints, cleans and repairs random cracks, and removes concrete sections and damaged pavement for demolition.

Track Sawing

Track sawing is a fast method and creates precise cuts in heavy concrete masonry and concrete structure. It has various applications, such as sawing through doors or windows, forming angle cuts, and many more. This method is ideal for the demolition process. Compared to other methods, track sawing offers high accuracy and smooth cuts. Ir is also versatile and available in various models to handle multiple tasks.

Wire Sawing

Where traditional saws will not work, wire sawing will do the work. Manual saws are often not able to perform effectively. In such situations, use a wire saw. It can quickly cut through any stone, concrete, or metal structure. It has a thin steel wire with diamond segments that cut through hard material.

Ring and Chain Sawing

It helps cut where access is limited. With straight cuts and precise corners, it can achieve a cut of 375 mm. It is portable, easy to use and provides a practical solution for the most tricky cutting problems. Due to its compact size, it is also used in the demolition process.

Deep Sawing

It is commonly used for street repairs and the preparation of compensation joints. They use special diamond saw blades to remove specific concrete sections to get them repaired.

Sawing is a basic process that is used in manufacturing metal products. Unlike milling, sawing has relatively few innovations. However, it is an effective and reliable process.

Reasons to opt for Diamond Sawing

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  • Precise and neat cutting
  • Fewer cracks and chipping
  • Minimal dust and noise
  • Economical
  • Flexible.


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