How To Use Cinnamon For Weight Loss

Surely you have never been the worrying kind about your body fat. Maybe this is only a matter of concern when the summer is approaching and you want to rock your beach bod, and then you back to eating with an issue.

But, that is the tricky thing about fat, it slowly builds up inside us and one it does, we go crazy trying to find ways to get rid of them, some people go for strict diets, others join a gym and carry rigorous training sessions, others are bit less committed and go for morning runs around the block, in the most extreme of cases some people would rather undergo surgical procedures.

But, whatever the person chooses to get rid of the extra fat, they have one thing in common, they just want to find the cheapest and effective way to do it, and most people will be surprised to know that actually, there is a kind of spice out there that it’s very cheap and very effective at burning that extra fat in our body.

According to several new research Cinnamon actually helps to burn fat cells lipids. The thing that gives cinnamon its flavor is an oil called Cinnamaldehyde (CA) and the studies conducted have shown that CA burns fat and protects people from hypoglycemia.

All these results were taken after conducting several tests in samples taken from different test subjects, most specifically adipose stem cells which were exposed to CA and immediately begun to heat up in a process called “thermogenesis” triggering a metabolic process in the cells. The heat actually helps to burn the lipids more effectively from the fat cells. This result led researchers to conclude that CA has an unparalleled anti-obesity ability.

Moreover, researchers have also agreed that due to the popularity of Cinnamon and its popularity, it is easy to find and to replace other fat-burning products with this incredibly versatile spice. However, they do have advised caution in its consumption, as thus far there hasn’t been a “commercialized” therapeutic treatment for cinnamon and fat-burning, and anyone with access to internet and YouTube have for sure seen the negative effects that consuming large amounts of cinnamon has on our system, so, instead of eating a spoonful of it, just use it to cook healthy meals in your fat free diet.

Keep in mind, that no tests have been conducted so far in humans, only in human cells and mice, do not start consuming cinnamon like a mad person. The recommendation from the researchers to simply added to the list of ingredients and foods, and if there is any negative effect remove it immediately and consult with your doctor. Remember that the testings have only been in human fat cells and not actual humans so far.