Myth Or Fact – Does Eating Fish Improve Brain Function?

There is no denying that there is a rather long list of health benefits linked to the regular consumption of fish. For example, Fish happens to be the greatest source of several essential nutrients, like Omega 3 which our bodies are unable to produce on its own.

More recently it has been discovered that there is even some truth to the old wives tales involving Fish and Brain Functions and how well the combination is. Several trusted organization from around the World have conducted investigations which have concluded that the fatty acids and amino acids found in specific types of fishes have some very positive benefits for your brain and its functionality.

The reason why no one discovered this before was mostly due to the fact that all prior investigations have related strictly to Omega 3 and its fatty acids and how good they are to our system.

But, in our day and age, where virtually nothing is kept from us, several scientists decided to dig a little deeper in those fishy benefits and uncovered a wonderful thing, Fish is incredibly good for your brain.

In order for your brain to “construct” all the necessary Neurotransmitters needed to keep real-time communication with the rest of the body, and guess what? Fishes are a rich source of proteins containing a seemingly limitless amount of essential amino acids. The reason they are considered “essential” is that on our own the body is unable to produce them that is why we must get them from foods.

Further testings in mice have actually shown that those mice with brain injuries submitted to a rich fish diet have actually seen an improvement in brain function so much so, early testings have begun in individuals with brain injuries, however, testing is still in its early stages and no results have been giving yet.

Continuing with the brainy benefits of Fish is its high content of vitamin D which is a nutrient that isn’t found naturally in foods other than Fish and it happens to be a quintessential nutrient necessary for the proper development, function, and evolution of our brains.

In this regard, many studies conducted with the participation of a large portion of test subjects have seen those with a rich and proper intake of vitamin D is more capable to process new information better, were able to think faster, and as a bonus, high levels of vitamin D actually makes the absorption of calcium much better, therefore our brain nerves are in peak condition.

For that reason, those researchers are actively encouraging people of all ages to start eating more fish, especially children should have a fish-rich diet from the moment they are able to eat solid foods.