The UK Government hopes church spires can boost the Wi-Fi and 4G connectivity in rural areas

In what seems to be a very strange piece of news, the UK government has recently outlined a plan to offer more people the internet and mobile phone coverage that it needs. There’s no denying that creating new antennas for these Wi-Fi and 4G connections can be very expensive. So, the government wants to rely on the current infrastructure. That’s where the church spires come into play. It’s safe to note that this plan has been around for quite some time.

If you think about it, the idea does work very well. The UK has 16000 buildings in parishes and most of the churches are in rural areas to begin with. Sure, some of these are old, but even so they can withstanding Wi-Fi and 4G connectivity antennas on them most of the time. The interesting thing is that rural connectivity is problematic at best, in many locations you just don’t have it because it’s too far from the antennae.

And as you can imagine, many locals want to change that. With the new ideas offered by the government, it’s safe to say that a lot of people will be able to enjoy and immerse themselves into the experience unlike never before. The focus here is on bringing in front some new, interesting opportunities for you to enjoy. The rural churches in particular have a great way to help here, as the infrastructure is there.

And then you have insulation and sustainability. The churches can deliver all of that too, and as a result the experience is a whole lot better for everyone involved. The quality is extremely impressive and it’s easy to see how interesting the establishments can offer more support for broadband. A lot of people in the UK want fast broadband and great internet connectivity, which is something that can be acquired with the right legislation and infrastructure.

But this won’t be only an UK thing. Lots of countries have to deal with this sort of issue at this point. So, using churches as the best way to promote better internet and 4G connectivity makes a whole lot of sense. Not only will it help people to better communicate with others, but it will also offer a simpler way to shop for stuff online and just enjoy the benefits of an online communication anywhere you are.

This is a great starting point and hopefully the UK government will be able to implement this soon. As you can imagine, if this is a success, we will be able to see this in other locations as well. So, the possibilities are great, and it all comes down to how well everything is handled to deliver better features, results and opportunities. Hopefully everything will be done adequately and with the best possible approach towards something like this. In the near future we will be able to have better and improved connectivity in remote areas, so something like this is indeed a necessity!