Can You Buy Gold from UBS? Find Out Here

Gold investment is one of the best ways to diversify a portfolio. Bullion provides tangible security that can be directly held and touched, providing no counterparty risk and mitigating other forms of risk that come from investing.

UBS Investment Bank in Switzerland provides investors with various gold investment products, such as derivative financial products. However, before making any decisions it is crucial that investors fully understand both the risks and rewards associated with each investment decision.



UBS Wealth Management Bank offers its clients a diverse selection of investments. If you’ve ever asked yourself, “does UBS sell gold?” then this article should answer your questions. UBS not only offers gold investments, but their offerings include bullion in the form of bars or coins stored securely with UBS – often preferred by investors who appreciate tangible assets for added protection.

So, the company has implemented various safety measures to safeguard customers’ investments. Vaults found around the globe – including Switzerland and the US – are staffed with experienced employees trained to recognize any suspicious activities; all vaults are also monitored with CCTV cameras and secured with high-grade locks for extra peace of mind.

UBS takes great care in protecting its online trading platforms from unauthorized access and keeping customer privacy, using measures such as requiring a PIN number for accessing them, restricting cookie usage, and using encryption when transmitting confidential data. Such measures help safeguard UBS customers’ rights while decreasing fraud risk.

Gold trading at this company is overseen by the Swiss Federal Financial Market Supervisory Authority – one of Europe’s leading supervisory authorities with an excellent track record in client confidentiality and bank-client privacy protection. Established in 1862, this international agency offers private banking, wealth management and asset management services for private, corporate and institutional clients worldwide.

UBS sees several factors as drivers for higher prices this year, such as geopolitical tensions, rising demand from central banks, and the U.S. dollar’s weakening value. Its price should benefit from any shifts in monetary policy by the European Central Bank and Federal Reserve that drive central bank demand – one of the primary forces driving prices – as well as lower inflation and interest rates that increase demand as an alternative currency – UBS believes gold will hit new all-time highs this year.



UBS banks offer an impressive portfolio of gold investments through bullion products like bars from UBS. Ranging in size from 1 gram to 1 kilogram and with various hallmarks to verify authenticity, these bars make an excellent way to diversify portfolios safely and reliably. Each bar manufactured by Swiss precious metal refinery Argor Heraeus since 1980 – is perfect for anyone seeking safe yet durable investments!

The physical precious metals team at Matthews has been recognized for its outstanding efforts during the pandemic, earning top spots in both gold and silver categories of the Commodity Rankings for 28 consecutive years. Matthews notes the difficulty in managing metal flows at times when physical movement was restricted posed a unique set of challenges; working closely with operations professionals and vault staff was necessary for balancing the global supply/demand equation without significant disruptions to customers.

UBS managed these pockets of irrational behavior during the initial stage of the pandemic by employing both experienced traders and state-of-the-art technology, according to Fawehinmi: experienced traders may recognize anomalous pricing conditions intuitively but a system that flags anomalies is invaluable.”


Gold has long been revered as a sign of wealth and status since ancient times. Neither rusting nor corrosion is a concern; melting can take place easily over a flame and it can even be stamped to form coins or jewelry pieces. Its color is unique: reflecting certain wavelengths while absorbing others gives gold its iconic yellow hue that people have valued as a sign of prosperity for millennia.

As a result of these factors, gold has always been considered as an investment asset that can provide security during times of economic instability or distress. Central banks have therefore begun hoarding reserves in greater quantities, which may help drive demand in the long run.

As well as its physical assets, the firm offers investors an online trading platform to trade precious metal (source: Launched last year and available now across most countries, this tool provides clients with various execution methods and pre-trade analytics to enhance the trading experience. Client service stays paramount as they aim to deliver optimal pricing solutions to clients.



Prices can fluctuate drastically based on market conditions, and economic, and geopolitical issues, so investors should conduct adequate research in order to understand its risks before committing funds to this precious metal. They should also carefully consider their investment goals, time horizon, diversification requirements, and costs associated with each of the gold investment options available to them.

UBS continues to hold onto its “most-preferred” rating on gold bullion products and provides physical bullion bars in various sizes – 10g, 100g, and 1kg – available at low premiums above spot prices and manufactured by Argor Heraeus, a Swiss precious metals refinery closely associated with UBS.

As 2019 continues, the firm expects central bank purchasing to remain robust, potentially driving prices upward. Their estimates project that official central bank purchases could exceed 700 metric tons this year for official central bank purchases of wheat – the second-highest annual total ever. They believe this trend will continue into 2024.

Gold can be an excellent long-term investment, yet its performance cannot always be predicted with certainty. Returns have historically been highly unpredictable; therefore, diversifying across various asset classes is essential for long-term financial security. Before making any decisions related to investing, investors should conduct in-depth research and consult a financial advisor, so they make well-informed decisions and select options best suited to their unique circumstances.