Can a House Run on Solar Power Alone – 2024 Guide

The times are tough and we are living with a lot of uncertainties. There are plenty of things we need to change, there are things we need to preserve and there are things we need to adapt.

One of the things that became widely popular is the pollution in our air and the growing danger of it becoming worse in years to come. To combat this, we had to adapt and overcome certain things. The adaptation came in a form of a reduction of power consumption, switching to other power sources like wind and solar power and other things.

As you can see the focus of the article today is solar power and solar panels as a source of electricity for a household. You could see and read a lot of articles from us before this regarding solar panels, the affordability and the efficiency of these, and today you will read if they are good and if they can power an entire household with its needs.

Today we are basing this on real-life experience from people we know who have installed these and tried to go full solar power and we will take some data from manufacturers and technicians who work on the installation of solar panels and gear that goes with this.


For those of you looking to go solar power, you need some high-quality and reasonably priced panels and equipment and we think that this website has what you need.

Now when you are planning on going full solar for your entire household you need to do a couple of things. These you can do by yourself or you can hire a professional. One thing that everyone will tell you is that you have to be in a very sun-rich environment to get the best of your panels and that you have to have your panels exposed to the sun for as long as possible. The answer to this is both yes and no but we will explain more in the coming lines.

The other thing you need to consider is your power consumption over a period like a day, a week a month and so on. This is important because you will need to run some math to figure out how powerful a solar panel you need to install. This is not that easy but we suggest letting pros calculate this if you are not that good at math because it will be rather important if you want all your household items to be working properly.

Now most people that plan to go solar either want to do something cool like produce their electricity or want to help our planet by getting their power from a renewable source and thus reducing the strain we put on our planet. The third reason and the one that will be more pronounced in the years to come is the goal of reducing your energy bills entirely or in a big part. Another thing is there is something to the total independence that you have with these that are even more enticing than anything else. We are so dependent on others for so many things, a nice change is that you at least have your independence when electricity is considered, at least as a start.


Now if you calculated the amount of power you spend if you calculated the number of panels you need and the gear to follow that you need to find a good place for them. For most users that are living in towns with limited space, you only got one solution if you need multiple panels – the rooftop. Now if you live in the northern hemisphere you need to position your panels on the southern-facing roof side to maximize solar production. If any other orientation is in question you may want to think about setting panels on both sides of your roof to make the most of what you have.

When the problems of placement have been solved and you secured them where you want, put them in production, and tied everything up what happens next? Well, usually you will see someone from your neighbor or friends and family that will tell you you wasted your money and you will never be electrically independent. They will talk about the poor quality of solar panels, the fast degradation that affects your power production, and so on. They do not have a clue about what they are talking about. You can reduce your independence on the grid power of your country and you will easily do it with solar panels. You will lower your bills and you will be able to power your home on solar power alone but not for as long as you hope.


So far with the amounts of energy, we are all consuming the tech behind these solar panels is limiting us in how much we can produce and remain “compact”. By this, we meant that to power your entire home over solar panels you may need an entire roof and more which may be a mission impossible. They are cost-effective but there is a line that you need to draw when it comes to the quantity and placement of these panels. But don’t despair, our real-life users have given us data that shows they managed to reduce their grid dependency by over 60% in the first two years. Those are major savings for a household and good news to everyone. They also manage to power the home on only solar power but for a limited time because they do use a lot of energy.

The good news here is that as technology progresses, we all are going to enjoy better and better products. We will get panels that can be compact and harvest more energy from the sun. The progress that has been n made since 2018, for instance, till now is huge in terms of the technology of the panels and solar energy harvest. You can only imagine what we may end up in 2, 4, or 6 years to come.

All in all, this is a huge thing for most of us, especially those that do use a lot of energy and are trying to cut their bills a bit. By going solar and taking some strain off the grid you are also taking a lot of strain from our planet and are aiding in the battle against climate changes, pollution, bad air, and much, much more.