C-Town Weekly Ads, Coupons and Deals

C-town is a chain of independently owned supermarkets, specialized in food retailing, located in the northeast of the United States, with approximately 200 stores in Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts.

C-town treats his customers with a ton of offers and deals, almost too many to mention, valid from April 13 to April 19 2018, amongst which you can find:

For the meat eaters, the store has on sale chicken drumsticks (99 cents lb.), chuck steaks (2.99$ lb.) and pork spare ribs (1.99$ lb.). If, on the other hand, you prefer salads and vegetables in general, you can find tomatoes on-the-vine for 1.49$ lb., broccoli crowns (99 cents lb.) and delicious Mexican Hass avocadoes, for 99 cents lb.

Say you want a beverage for your meal, they have got you covered as well, you can find Krasdale orange juice (64 oz.) for 1.99$ and Clear or Natural Style Apple & Eve Apple juice (64 oz.) for the same price. Perhaps you feel that you need some electrolytes, there is a sale on 64 oz. Gatorade bottles, in any of their available flavors (glacier freeze, lemon, lime, orange or fruit punch), 2 bottles for 5$.

C-town is offering a deal on several Krasdale products, with very attractive prices, such as all-purpose flour (5 lb. bag) for 1.99$, pancake syrup (24 oz. bottle) 1.69$, ketchup (24 oz. bottle) 99 cents, complete pancake mix (2lb. box) for 1.99$, mayonnaise (22 oz. squeeze bottle or 30 oz. jar) for 1.99$, corned beef (12 oz. can) for 2.99$ among many others, savings are definitely guaranteed.

In the cleaning department you can find some exciting deals in order to continue saving big bucks. For a very low price, you can purchase items like: Bounty towels bundle pack (8 roll package) for 7.99$, Gain 2x liquid detergent (50 oz. bottle) for 5.99$, Charmin double roll tissue (12 roll package) for 8.99$, Febreeze air freshener (8.8 oz. can) for 2.99$, Gain fabric softener (64 oz. bottle) for 2.99$, Glad tall kitchen bags (15-80 ct box) for 7.99$ and Mr. Clean liquid cleaner (40 oz. bottle), along with countless other deals. Pay your nearest C-town a visit, and you will see the difference.