Bravo Weekly Ads, Coupons and Deals

Bravo is known as a supermarket chain that has stores in the U.S in the northeastern and southeastern part. This store has Krasdale Foods brands. Bravo’s headquarters are located in NY and this company is focused on Hispanic clientele. This amazing supermarket chain is famous for selling high-quality and the most delicious foods with a Hispanic touch. Bravo normally has special sales and offers for different seasons and events.

This article is made keeping in mind the need of our readers for finding the best prices and the highest quality products in the market. This is why we have taken the opportunity to bring you the best sales, deals and offers that Bravos has for you during this week. This way you will be able to save hundreds of dollars by taking advantage of the different discounts and special prices that Bravos has to offer in their products. So don’t let this opportunity slip through your hands. Then, Let us get started.

This week’s Bravo special offers begin with meat. Fresh lean Family Pack Center Cut Pork Chops at only 1.79 per lb. You can also get for 2.69 per lb. a delicious U.S.D.A select, beef Bottom Round Roast or if you’d rather have something healthier you can go for the U.S.D.A inspected, Previously Frozen Whole Turkey Wings at the amazing price of 19c per lb.

In the category of vegetables and fruit you will find fresh red-ripe Slicing Tomatoes at only 70c per lib. And pay the same per each head of the most delicious and fresh Iceberg, California Lettuce. The U.S. #1 Idaho Potatoes cost only $1.79 each 5-lb bag. You can obtain the white Malanga by paying just 79c per lb.

Regarding groceries, you will be able to purchase the best products from the most acknowledged brands like the Domino Sugar at $1.79 per 4-lb bag, the Bravo Rice at only $4.99 the 20-lb bag and the Maseca Masa Mix at the amazing price of 2,49 per every 4.4-lb bag.

And these are just few of the great selection of products on special price that Bravo Supermarket has for you this week,