Black Lives Matter March on Seattle 2.0, Details that you should know and Date

Blacklivesmatter March on Seattle 2.0 – It is a vehemently vocal march of the supporters of equal taxation to the Westlake park, Seattle on 15 April. It is a targeted effort by the people from the black community to have their voices heard. They believe that our tax system doesn’t allow for equal taxation amongst the whites and people of color, or of a minority. Partaking in such a mass event they want to ascertain that each and every of their voices is heard against such an oppressive and tyrannical regime.

It has created a huge amount of buzz on the various social media platforms, with many people already voicing their opinions and views supporting such an idea. And they have also pledged to come together as a whole to make certain that the event is a gargantuan success.

Their demand is quite simple and straightforward, that the President, Mr. Trump release his tax returns. This demand is based on the understanding that Mr. Trump doesn’t pay his taxes, and enjoys undue privileges that are imparted exclusively on the whites.

Things to expect on the day of the event – Black lives matter March on Seattle 2.0,
There is a remarkable symbolism attached with the event, which could be attuned to the participants wearing a ” Black- beanie” to register their protests. An extensive donation campaign has also been created, in an attempt to fuel the campaign. The organizers of the event are only willing to talk to media outlets, and no one else.

On the day of the event, if the probable “RSVP’s” are to be believed. There is going to be a mass exodus of bodies, the same as witnessed the last year, who would want to work towards making the event a resounding success. And if the last year’s event is anything to go by, the protestors are mostly going to hold a rally, exhibiting placards and banners, as a means to register their support for this cause.