Biggest Operational Change in McDonald’s Ever as the Team Now Prepares Fresh Beef Patties


On Thursday, McDonald’s Corp. announced that by the middle of the year 2018, it will commence the making of the Quarter Pounders, which will be used to order using the fresh beef. This announcement is said to be the most significant change in the operation ever witnessed in the company before.

This change has required a lot of time, energy, and efforts of all the people working on its processes. The team that worked on this process had 40 members who comprised of operators and experts from culinary and marketing along with representatives of supply chains. They worked together for 2 years to make this idea a success and this change will be applicable to over 14,000 McDonald’s restaurants.

An employee from the Dallas McDonald’s, Joe Jasper said that this is an enormous sea-like change for their system and the system kept dotting all i’s and crossing all t’s and thus obtained the desired result.

The Oak Brook executives say that they hope that this method will provide some respite to the 4 year struggle of McDonald’s to sell more number of burgers.

Since the year 2012, the domestic transaction of McDonald’s has decreased by 500 million and this loss was because of the fact that McDonald’s could not cope up with the competition it received from its primary rivals.

The president of McDonald’s United States said that the entire team has been evaluating on all the essential details of a core burger.

Initially, the patties for the burger were prepared beforehand and then frozen. But now the team will be using fresh beef to prepare the patty then and there and provide the customers with freshly made burgers and sandwiches.

The analysts have said that the customers in the market have given a positive and swift feedback in the testing of this strategy.

However, the only concern that McDonald’s faces is that they should maintain their speed of work. The business model on the company is based on convenience. So, even though they make freshly prepared burgers and sandwiches, the customers will be expecting their food delivery at the same pace as before. This will particularly be important for the drive-thru orders, which comprise of about two-thirds of the total customers of McDonald’s. A delay of a few seconds also might affect the business of the company in huge amounts.  

The analysts have said that the company has not revealed the methodology according to which they hope to make fresh patties at the required pace, but they have certainly figured out a great way to execute this. A time of 2 years and the efforts the team put in to find a solution for the problem finally paid off when they actually devised a solution keeping all their trade secrets intact.