5 Ultimate Street Food Places in Bangalore

If you are a foodie and looking for the delicious street food then Bangalore is one such city that can cater your entire requirements. The Bangalore city is often termed as the Gourmet’s Paradise that prepares the tasty yet interesting dishes which are no less than the international cuisines of established restaurants. In the recent era, people wish to have dinner under the crescent moonlight along with a cool breeze and pleasant atmosphere to enjoy their meals. However, this feeling can’t be observed in the 5-star restaurants. But now no need to worry as the Bangalore is presenting diverse street food places that can help you to experience an amazing dinner. Here is the list of some most popular places that offer street food:

V V Puram  Food Street Bangalore

Whether you desire to have a spicy and delicious Masala Dosa or wish to take the desserts like Dal Holige saturated in the Ghee, this restaurant of Bangalore serve you the top-most dishes. Visiting this spot you may observe various stalls offering a wide variety of cuisines that lure the people. The major stalls in this street location include Pav Bajji Stall, Manchurian stall, sweet corn stall, and much more.

Central Tiffin Room – Malleshwaram

The central Tiffin Room is engaged in the food services for around 6 decades and thus, possesses enough experience and knowledge regarding the preparation of several yummy dishes. This spot is especially known for serving the wonderful Dosa and fulfill the needs of Dosa lovers. Besides, it is also famous for serving the well-cooked idly, Kesribath, Chats, Poori Sagu, and much more.

Brahmin’s Coffee Bar – Basavanagudi

From presenting the traditional yet elegant South Indian food to serving the crispy and hot idly Vada this street food place can satisfy your desires. Some other popularly known foods they supply are the beverages including tea, coffee, and Kesaribath.

Hari’s Sandwich Zon – Jayanagar

Have you ever heard about the economical chocolate Sandwich linked to fitness? Yes, the Hari Sandwich sited at Jayanagar provides the luscious chats and chocolate Sandwiches. The staff prepares the food keeping in mind the health factor of the eaters. Hence, you can avail the tremendous benefits of the delicious food without considering your health issues. Apart from the Sandwiches and Chat, you may also find the Lassi corner located nearby the palace. So it will be like a bonus to have desserts after spicy and crispy meals.

Rakesh Kumar Pani Puri Stall – Jayanagar

Another street food place located at Jayanagar is Rakesh Kumar Pani Puri stall. Nowadays, Pani Puri has become a huge trend and is demanded by a large number of people. Some call it Puchka while other asks for Gol Gappa. This Pani Puri stall is the wonderful street food locating that can assist you to get the juicy and yummy Pani Puri. Besides Pani Puri, this center also offers a wide variety of snacks that are Paapdi Chat, Dahi Puri, and much more.

So what are you waiting for? Experience the delicious meals in these street food locations and enjoy your food.