Love Pizza? Check Out These 5 Places in Bangalore That Rival Italian Pizzas

Who doesn’t like Pizza? A weirdough!

Pizza is one of the greatest foods in the world and this is just not up for debate. The feeling of biting into that perfect pie, tasting the delicate balance between crust and topping, is enough to sate all cravings. The thought of a great pizza with just the right sauce and gooey stringy cheese… it is already making our mouths water. If you happen to be in Bangalore, get the best slice in town by checking out on these crowd-favourites:

Blimey – This pizza joint located in the heart of MG Road dishes out some of the best pizza. The place is simple and chic with a mouth-watering pie. It not only has one of the best pizzas in town, it is also a great hangout spot with amazing music. There famous breakfast pizza is a definite must-try!

Café Pascucci – This vintage cafe is standing proof of the fact that old id gold. Located in Jayanagar, it is famous for its wood fired pizzas. The charm lies in the intimate interiors and perfect setting to get together with someone and catch up over pizza. Not only is the pizza delicious and flavoursome, it is also light on the pockets.

Fenny’s – Just as the name suggests, this pizzeria has that fun Goa vibe to go along with your delectable pizza slice. Situated in the hip neighbourhoods of Koramangala, the place bakes the best thin crust pizza in the Garden City. The amazing and crunchy crust is topped with a flavourful marinara and a delicious array of toppings. The fiery vegetable pizza is to die for!

Italia – This happens to be one of the crowd-favourites with its amazing ambience and feel. Located in the posh and fancy setting of ‘The Park’ it is one of the best Italian places in the Silicon Valley. The pizzas here are assembled and baked by the best chefs and really do bring the best of Italy to your table. Every slice is perfectly seasoned and baked to perfection, leaving you wanting more. The heavenly pizza experience is only enhanced by the beautiful interiors. If in the city, you must go to Italia and try their Pizza Margherita- a classic that showcases the best of the place in every bite.

Via Milano – Topping our list is the pizzeria that offers not just the best toppings, but also the best crust in town. This best-selling pizza has a thick and fluffy crust which is neither too doughy nor too dry. The delicious crust is paired with a well-balanced sauce and a list of scrumptious toppings. The crowds will vouch for the pizza here, situated in Koramangala, it is always pleasantly crowded buzzing with activity. The comfortable interiors and dim-lit ambience makes it the perfect spot for cosy a hangout. Via Milano is not something you should miss out – go grab your slice of the best pizza in Bangalore!