10 Amazing Benefits of Chia Seeds

What Are Chia Seeds?

La Chia (Hispanic Salvia) is a plant from Central America, its seeds are rich in carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins, and minerals, and although they were already used by the Mayans and the Aztecs, they fell into oblivion after the European colonization, as a step with other foods such as Quinoa or Amaranth. Luckily in the 21st century, many people have worked to revalue and make known these forgotten foods.

10 Amazing Benefits of Chia Seeds

Control cravings

Thanks to its large amount of fiber give us a feeling of fullness, it is advisable to grind the chia and moisturize it as well as its consumption at breakfast, a recipe that I usually use to make the most of all its properties is to mix the chia with kefir in the mornings.

Pleasant Taste and Do Not Alter the Taste of Other Foods

The Chia has a nutty flavor but something more subtle, as we said before, the great advantage is that integrating it with other foods does not modify the flavor of these. We must experiment and leave the typical salad the Chia goes well with almost anything.

They Provide Hydration to the Body

These seeds can capture and retain 10 or 12 times their weight in water, which is why they are like reservoirs of water once ingested, which help to keep the body hydrated when it needs it.

Its Large Amounts of Antioxidants Help against Aging

They are in themselves an Anti-Age product, a true superfood that helps against the effects of fumes, stress and all the problems that our current lifestyle causes. According to studies, it stops 70% of the activity of free radicals in the organism.

They Are a Great Source of Omega 3

As we already mentioned is one of its main characteristics, they even have more Omega 3 than some fish, but we must remember that in order to take advantage of it you must grind or chew the seeds.

Help To Lose Weight

As mentioned in the first point its high fiber content keeps us sated, in addition, the omega3 helps to lower cholesterol and eliminate fats from the body, also collaborates with the intestinal transit and despite having a lot of energy inside its digestion due to the great number of fluids that they capture is hypocaloric.

They Are a Great Source of Energy

All those minerals and vitamins make them a real injection of energy and vitality in our body.

Help to Gain Muscle Mass

Thanks to a large number of fibers and proteins they help to regenerate muscle tissue. In addition, the energy contribution improves the overall performance of the locomotor system, which is why it is so recommended for athletes.

Calm Pain in the Joints

Omega 3 fatty acids that have these seeds have anti-inflammatory properties so they are very helpful in joint pain.

They Are Depurative

Last but not least, chia seeds manage to eliminate liquids and toxins from our body, help regulate the intestinal flora and prevent cellular oxidation, so they are a great purifier of our body and a source of health and youth.