Bengaluru Nandi Habba At Nandi Hills, Colorful Weekend Fun Is Here!

Having hanging around in Bangalore, you sure are versed about the beautiful Nandi Hills, isn’t it? The name is not unheard of to any Bangaloreans. Picturesque views and ofcourse the celebrated ancient fortress draws in massive counts of tourists. Nestled around the small little town of Nandi, the hills are believed to pave way for the Arkavathy river. The stream hails from these hills, beautifying the views by leaps and bounds. Are you heedful about the history revolving around Nandidurg? Well, it surely is a key that attracts tourists by large. Traditionally, the fortress was reckoned as unimpregnable. The 1700-feet high fortress is an enthralling sight to watch for. However, if history does not appeal to you much, here’s spilling the beans on something adventurous to lift your spirit. “Nandi Habba” is our talk of the day.

Muddled up thinking what Nandi Habba is all about? Here’s a quick know-how.

Wrapping up duties as a white collar day-in-day-out is outright boring – agreed? Well, Nandi hills screams out as the most exhilarating break from the bustling humdrum life. What’s yet more rewarding is the Nandi Habba. It is a festival that lasts for good three days. Calling it a celebration wouldn’t be incorrect. Surely, there’s a lot of questions popping up in your brains right now. Festival revolving around what for instance. The entire celebration aims at showcasing the culture and heritage of Nandi hills at its best. The splendor of the place, exotic diversity of flora and fauna that is home to the hills and ofcourse the rich history of the place that works perfect as a cherry on the cake. The celebration is carried out to make people aware of these star aspects of the hill station and also help soak up the bliss of being so close to nature. Nandi Habba is a prolonged episode that includes activities like cyclothon, heritage walk and nature walk. Are you psyched to be a part of the celebration already? Hold your horses, there’s much more to be explored. One certainly cannot miss the flea markets that pop up, highlighting and glorifying the local produce and handicrafts. There’s also an underlying good cause. Trading off these items in flea markets to tourists attending Nandi Habba amps up earnings of the local populace.

History is definitely looked upon as boring by many. Nandi Habba can certainly be accredited as a great effort to help people have a better insight about the place in a thrilling and enjoyable manner. The three-day long celebration is brought on boards by Discovery Village, in collaboration with Way of Bengaluru and Nandi Walks. There are various other names associated with the good cause, that’s also undeniably unique.

Nandi hills are a tenement of architectural gems. Hailing straight from the Chola dynasty, the place encapsulates architecture in its primitive and original form. The Habba or collaboration on the other hand, aims at working out ways to restore the ecosystem of the place. Several projects are attempted including waste management, sprucing up livelihood of the locals, maintaining lakes running through the place and afforestation drives. The pressing need for ensuring that the flora and fauna of the place is untouched is carefully being worked for.

How could you step up and be a part of this driving celebration of Nandi Habba?

To begin with, it is the biodiversity of the place that’s the center of limelight. Therefore, you must ensure that all your eliminated garbage is minimum. Drop into Nandi Hills and sign up for events that excite you. For instance, being a part of the Heritage Walk will help you explore the Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple, lying at the bottom of the foothills, the British cemetery and also the loom where silk is woven. There’s the Nature Walk and the Cyclothon you could sign up for.

Truck out for a getaway at the famous Nandi Hills and experience the thrill of being at proximity to nature.