Bangalore: Human Trafficking – Karnataka High Court Declines Bail

Three petitioners were accused of human trafficking and child kidnapping in Karnataka a year back. Their bail this year was declined by the high court of Karnataka. They further tried to convince the Justice by providing the facts such as human trafficking was not appeal to the offence.

The high court of Karnataka refused to permit the bail to three criminals that were arrested in the allegation of kidnapping and human trafficking. According to the recent reports, the three petitioners continued arguing to the police stating that the human trafficking does not have any impact on the law and hence does not breach the same. However, John Michael Cunha (Justice of high court) refused their appeal as the facts stated by them were not at all favouring the Indian laws and regulations.

The Judge further said that the petitioners have to seek the assistance from a competent court as the apex court has instructed chief Justice belonging to HC of Bombay to assign a counter for judging such kind of appeals. According to the command passed by the apex court in 3rd April 2018, the entire courts in the Karnataka city is banned to proceed and take actions regarding the human trafficking-related cases. This is mainly because such cases include inter-state dimensions.

The major petitioners involved in this crime are Mehaboob Adoni (Priya), Ganga Mangalmuki (Surya), and Chand Basha (Chandini). As per section 363-A, 370, and 368, these criminals were accused of kidnapping, robbery, and human trafficking and were arrested for the similar charges by the police force of Hosapete in the previous year. According to the case filed on them, a small school-going boy of class 4th did not arrive at home and was reportedly found to be missing. Fortunately, after a short period of time, the child was discovered at Gadag Railway station with the help of child helpline.

This boy was then further sent for investigation where he revealed that he was kidnapped by a group of people and was sent to one of the hospitals located in Mumbai. An injection was processed in the body of this minor. Apart from this, he also stated that these people altered his name to Pallavi. He was then compelled to get employed in beggary.

As per the recent reports, the investigation also involved a round of identification parade (a process in which the victim is given a chance to identify and analyze the criminals) in which this minor boy successfully identified the three transgender and exposed them to the world. Surprisingly, during the hearings of the human trafficking case charged against these petitioners, it was further discovered that the similar case was charged against one of these three petitioners in the Ballari court.