Apple Demands $1 billion from Samsung for a long-running smartphone patent-infringement dispute

The battle over mobile handset design similarities between two giant smartphone manufacturing companies, Apple and Samsung, began long years back! Apple’s dispute with Samsung for blatant copying its several smartphone design features has been running for a very long time now! Specifically, Apple’s rounded cornered phone design, the rim of the front face, and the grid view icons at the front are the main copied designs!

Finally, in the final round of the long-going Samsung patent fight, Apple has demanded a total of $1 Billion from Samsung for patent infringement at smartphone retrial. As Apple Inc. is seeking $1 billion from its long-known rival Samsung Electronics Co, the long-going go-round smartphone patent-infringement dispute has seen its peak results. We all are very much aware of this patent-infringement dispute.

The multibillion-dollar legal war between Apple and Samsung over patents has crossed a certain limit on this Monday! According to the latest reports, Apple is targeting Google’s Android Mobile OS Feature by demanding $1 Billion from Samsung for blatantly copying its designing features.

It’s not like that Apple has accused Samsung of copying, Samsung has also accused Apple of copying its designing features. The war of patents has been going on for many years.  Already, Apple won one major patent against Samsung which was an infringement case. This verdict has resulted that Samsung needs to give $930 million to Apple.

According to the verdict, Samsung has copied Apple’s design patents along with two utility patents. Now, Apple lawyer Bill Lee is much determined to find out how Apple can recover back or collect the damage from Samsung. The jury is considering all the facts and thinking about what amount Samsung should pay for all the damages that it has caused to Apple. Samsung might have to pay for the whole device or for the infringed components. Samsung is now urging the jury to minimize the demanded damage recovery sum as much as possible.

As Samsung had made a total of $1 billion in profit and $3.3 billion in revenue by selling millions of smartphones, it’s fair that Apple’s three design patents receive $1 Billion as a damage recovery sum amount. After Samsung agreed that it will pay some of the damages, Apply decided to move the case to the U.S. Supreme Court in 2016. Since then, both the companies have been accusing each other of copying designing features.

Apple is seeking profits which have been made on the entire phone. But, according to Samsung, that should not cover the entire profit. Instead, should cover profits from the infringing components only. This might be a valid point from Samsung as Apple should not ask for the profit which has been made by the phone’s internal features. Though the final verdict hasn’t come up yet, we need to see what happens in the end. But, it seems like that Apple is targeting Google by means of Samsung by demanding $1 Billion amount from Samsung.