Exotic Getaway Expeditions In and Around Bangalore

Does the idea of trekking electrify the adventurous junkie in you? Great and even better if you are hanging hats in Bangalore. The place, also known as the ‘Silicon Valley’ is well-known for its IT infrastructure. If you are a cog, grinding hard everyday to hit a jackpot in your career, you might also be looking for breaks that are exhilarating and truly adventurous. Time to unwind the adventurous side of you and kiss goodbye to a stressful week. Weekend activities for Bangloreans are innumerable but trekking surely tops the charts. What’s a better way of exploring new places, getting your body worked up and also rejuvenating your mind at the same time!

Plenty of destinations are at a close proximity to the city. This makes trekking an even more enjoyable experience. Wondering how? Bid farewell to the chances of applying for leaves. Keep the big guns at work happy as well as the junkie inside you thrilled. You might as well bump into a lot of well-season trekkers, brimming with spirits. While some are racing to witness the beautiful sun dawn while others are all set to hike and enjoy the mesmerizing flora and fauna around. Here’s listing down the best places for trekking in and around Bangalore.

Savandurga Night Trek – Located 60 Kms away from Bangalore, this is known trek spot amongst the experienced. The Billigudda and Karigudda hills make up for the Savandurga hill spot, ideal for an expedition. Infact, the hill is reckoned as one of the highest monoliths in Asia. The former peaks, Billigudda hills are certainly preferred more than the Karigudda peaks. Slopes are way gentler here. However, the best part is in the yellow markings that create a trail for the trekking. It functions as a crucial part because Savandurga hills are replete with dense forests. Without the markings at your aid or a guide to walk you through, it is quite possible to lose your way on your expedition. The Karigudda hill showcases lush greenery too. However, the vegetation here is pretty sparse and is outlined by rocky boulders. The place is also famous for its camping spots. Spend a day trekking the mountains and end up camping at the hill top. What lies next is a view that’s sure to awe-inspire you for a long time. Watching the sunrise in the wee hours will keep you enchanted.

Ramanagara – The name belongs to a small quaint town in Karnataka. Quite well-known for short trekking trails, the spot is incredibly famous for its silk market. Some have even coined Ramanagara as the Silk Town. The entire location lies as an envelope between 7 hill ranges. Shivaramagiri, Somagiri, Yatirajagiri, Krishnagiri, Rivana Siddeshwara hill, Sidilakallu hill and Jala Siddeshwara hill are the ranges surrounding the town. Sports like rock climbing and pitch climbing can be done here. Apart from trekking, you could well spend a day fishing and spotting the birdwatching outposts.

Nandi Hills – The trekking spot has an altitude of 1478 meters. Quite popular for its incredible view and time-honored sculptures, it surely stands out as an ideal place for hiking. Calling it one of Tipu Sultan’s favorite summer retreats would be appropriate. The palace is worth a watch. However, it is the Tipu’s Drop that will excite you more. A 600 ft cliff, used by Tipu to eliminate his prisoners by throwing them down is now a popular spot to view the picturesque valley. Trekking here will amaze you with the place’s rich variety of flora and fauna.