5 Easy Lifestyle Tweaks For A Healthy Kidney

The major work of kidney is to excrete the waste products from the body. Kidney makes the job done through its more or less three million unit called nephrons. This vital organ is responsible for cleansing the body of acidic waste coming from different physiological processes. If the toxic substances are not eliminated from the body properly, they start to get stored up in the body and hampers the regular functions of the other organs. The continual process of storing up the waste inside the body will cause the organs to shut down which leads to coma and finally death. It is really important to know how to maintain a healthy kidney.

Consume enough water on a regular basis

Water is one of the major compositions of the human body as our body contains 60%-70% of water. It is really important to consume at least eight glasses of water in a day. It would be even better if you increase the intake. You should have two glasses upon waking up from the sleep at the morning, one glasses before and after every meal and two glasses before going to the bed.

Drinking water before taking meal is a very good habit when you are on a strict diet for losing weight because it reduces your hunger for having more carbohydrates and with time it will result in losing weight. The kidney responds accordingly to the water intake. A healthy kidney would reabsorb what is required for your body and at the same time, it dispenses the excess water. Always remember one thing that the more you drink, the more you micturate. Drinking enough amount of water always enhance the excretion of wastes and helps to retain the integrity of kidneys, making it healthy.

Avoid salty foods

The chemical name of the common table salt is Sodium Chloride where Sodium and Chloride are the electrolytes that maintain the proper balance of water electrolyte, the acidity and the alkalinity of the foods. Consuming excess amount of salt will cause an imbalance and will accumulate in the kidney and eventually it would cause kidney dysfunction. A healthy kidney always needs lots of water to clean the impurities and metabolic wastes.

Avoid alcohol

Alcohol is complete No-NO when it comes to maintaining a good kidney health. Alcohol is diuretic. It causes frequent numbers of urination and micturition. It also hampers excretion procedure of uric acid and it would result in kidney stoned and gouty arthritis. Uric acid is one of the major reasons behind arthritis.

Don’t dominate your urge to urinate

If you feel like urinating, just don’t stop the urge. Relieve yourself. The kidney holds as much water as it can and when it has the excess amount of water, it gives you the feeling of urination.

Live A Healthy Life

The body is like a complicated machine. If one organ doesn’t work properly, it would affect the other organs and that’s why you should maintain a healthy life. You should eat well, sleep well and do the workout on a regular basis.

Your kidney will have more chances of staying healthy if the other organs of your body are healthy too.