Youth’s message to politicians “To understand their aspirations and make a change “

Generation Z (the ones born in mid of 90’s or in early 2000) of India wants to convey a simple message to the politicians like Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi which is “more jobs, please!” There is too much lack of confidence in the young generation of the country due to lack of employment even after getting degrees from prestigious and reputed colleges. There have been about 40 percent loss in the sales of real estate as the youth is unsure about taking the risk to take loans. They are very much unsure about their job security and salary hike.

In the next year’s general election, there will be around 13 crore first-time eligible voters, which is much more than Japan’s population. In 2014’s election Narendra Modi won a number of hearts of the youth due to his promise of creating approximately 1 crore jobs a year and next year his failure to deliver his promise will become the key issue for the electorate. The percentage of youth who considers that Modi’s biggest failure to abide by his pledge has also increased from 22 percent to 29 percent in this year.

According to the survey, there is a huge decrease in the number of applicants applying for engineering and MBA degrees. There is very less number of applicants registering for examinations like CAT. The youth has come to a conclusion that getting jobs in these field has also become null and is considered to be very grim. The campus recruitments have also gone down by about 40 percent. It is even found in survey reports that the business professionals, as well as engineers, are agreeing to posts for which they are underpaid and also overqualified.

In today’s world, the youth’s prime concern is jobs and salary. In 2016, when the youth were asked about the major problems faced by the Indians in CSDS survey then about 9 percent of them said it was corruption, 12 percent of them found it to be economic inequality and the rest 18 percent said it was joblessness and unemployment from those 6,100 respondents.

It is not that Modi’s government is not playing their part, they are putting in efforts to encourage the young generation to think about their startups, take loans and even gives them skill training. In the month of August, there was 6.32 percent unemployment, which is found to be the highest in a year’s time.

Harsh Sanghvi, the mascot of Bhartiya Janta Party says that there is more percentage of youth who have faith in the ruling party (that is, Modi Government) that their and country’s future is in right hands.

When the reporters went on to real fields, they saw hundreds of candidates competing for the same post. Rajat Shukla, a 22-year-old man, has been searching for a job in Delhi for last one year. He came to Delhi after completing his bachelor’s from an engineering college in Delhi. He said that it has become next to impossible to get a job in India as there are more qualified and unemployed people around at present.  He said that even though he was ready to accept a job which was below his qualifications, he didn’t get one. His entire year has gone in search of jobs and scanning newspaper in search of it.

Srinivas BV, Indian Youth Congress’s vice – president said that the atmosphere for each one out there has become unhappy because of the rise in intolerance, lack of jobs and spread of hatred. He said that everyone needs a change after facing the reality around.

There was a markable increase in the percentage of voters in 2014 as Modi was the magnet for the youths but as he failed to abide by his promise earlier, he is not supposed to make another next year according to Srinivas.

Thus the youth urges the politicians to understand their aspirations and make a change as soon as possible because it is a key factor which will for sure give some relief from social tensions. For additional information about Best Online Masters in Business Management, check out this one from MBACentral.