Yogurt Can Improve Sex Drive, Promote Fertility, and Help Loose Weigh

The long list of benefits that you can enjoy by eating yogurt has recently included another quite interesting element, according to recent studies.

Yogurt was suspected to promoted weight control as people age. This has led Cancer Biologist Susan Erdman and Geneticist Eric Alm to conduct studies regarding this matter. They were very impressed when they found that the studies shown that eating yogurt not only helps people losing weight as they age but it also enhances sex drive and generally provides good health.

How Yogurt Promotes Good Health – As well as Sexual Health

            There were studies conducted on 40 females and males mice by Massachusetts Institute of Technology which was originally aimed to try to find a connection between consuming yogurt and obesity. The scientists were very surpised to find out that the studies showed them that the mice that were fed with a dietary plan based on vanilla yogurt presented at enhanced sexual behavior.

Furthermore, the rodents that were fed with yogurt present a development of 15% in their testicles weight over the mice that were not fed with vanilla yogurt. In addition, the female rodents that were also fed with vanilla yogurt presented larger litters.

Moreover, probiotics in the yogurt, according to the researchers, might have caused the enhanced sexual confidence in the males from the yogurt group. They also say that all these might be explained by considering that probiotics promote digestion which means that the mice might have an overall feeling of healthiness which, at the same time, might have produced and enhancement in their sexual behavior.

Good Health, Fertility and Libido Levels

            Even though, the results are promising, this does not mean that everybody will have the benefits of Good Health, Fertility and Libido Levels just by adding tons of yogurts to their diets. Nevertheless, this certainly means that by having a well-balanced low-fat junk-free dietary plan will greatly improve your health and the way you feel which can be reflected in the improvement of your behavior in the bedroom.

Ways in Which You Can Promote Good Overall Health

            Yogurt for Colon Health

Yogurt has lactobacteria which is said to be a friendly bacterial culture that will certainly help you maintain a healthy colon. However, this does not include the junk-food yogurt that is high iin fat and has a lot of sugar.

Yogurt for Immune Health

            Our health can be enhanced by adding yogurt to our diet since the friendly bacteria that are contained in the low-fat yogurt can help the body to produce more blood white cells reinforcing our immune system.

Your Helps Prevent Yeast Infections

            The amount of yeast in the system can be reduced by eating low-fat low-sugar yogurt every day in the morning, according to some researches. A low quantity of yeast in the system will help us avoid infections.

Yogurt for Weight Loss

            Studies have shown that eating at least 18 ounces of yogurt at a daily basis can help you lose weight, have a flatter abdominal area as well as retaining more lean muscle.

Yogurt for Preventing Blood Pressure

            Since yogurt is high in potassium, it helps the body to get rid of extra sodium in the system preventing high blood pressure.

Yogurt Makes You Happy

            Studies have shown that eating vanilla yogurt can improve your mood.