Yoga Exercises and Daily Effective Prayers to Add to Your Routines

Life can be difficult. There are many challenges we have to face when we become adults, and learning how to be independent is one of those challenges, which itself brings a wide range of other challenges to the mix. Other things such as being a first-time parent, finishing a career, beginning a new job, or just doing something that you don’t actually enjoy to make a living are other aspects of life that we are all aware of, and are hard to deal with, but might be present for longer than we can bear.

Sadly, we have to power through them in most cases and keep standing on our feet even though we might be crumbling on the inside. And let me tell you this: it’s normal. It’s normal to feel like we aren’t advancing through life and our goals, and being tired of waking up at 6:00 a.m. to finish our daily ration of work just to arrive home with no-energy to spent, is also normal.

One cartoon characters once said: “It gets easier…Every day it gets a little easier…But you gotta do it every day — that’s the hard part. But it does get easier”.

Understanding the Reason


You wouldn’t believe how many people can relate to your daily struggles. At the very least, you can count that we understand you. That’s the thing about life, sometimes we have to sacrifice some things to gain other things. Here’s the problem: time is probably the one currency we always exchange for those things.

Besides time, we might also put a fair share of effort, physical and mental, along the process. And if we can feel ourselves being drained every day without doing anything about it, sooner than later we’ll reach our limit.

But there are two things you can do to start improving your lifestyle and follow your own path, perhaps not towards success, but towards happiness and peace of mind. And who knows? You might possibly achieve success once you’ve achieved both.

Those things are yoga and prayers on a daily basis.

How It Works: Physical and Mental Well-Being


Here’s where we want to talk about how we have to be physically and mentally prepared to deal with life itself, in order to be happy and achieve peace of mind. Another quote of a favorite cartoon of mine goes like this: “A sound soul dwells within a sound mind and a sound body”.

We like to take that quote as: In order to be in peace and happiness, we have to work towards being mentally stable and physically healthy. And we don’t usually refer to happiness as that emotion people feel when they are with their crush on a date, or when they earn a sudden prize in a lottery. No, the type of happiness we are talking about has a much more subtle taste: being able to enjoy life and its little things, without dwelling too much in depressive behaviors.

With that said, we also understand how important it is to be sad, and learn about the feeling, since sadness is something that teaches us things. Completely erasing that feeling from your fan of emotions is not the answer. The answer, though, is to learn how to control it to the point of not letting it mess up with our lives.

And that’s where yoga and prayers might come in handy. The benefits of yoga are actually scientifically proven and supported by professionals, and yoga is an activity that can both improve your physical and mental health in one go.

Talking About Yoga


Yoga is well known for being a meditative activity, which often helps reduce stress and clear your mind from negative thoughts if done correctly. It’s also a great way to put yourself on a white mental zone during agitating moments of your life, and this can help you make decisions more calmly.

Of course, this benefit also helps people with problems related to anxiety, depression, and even insomnia.

Physically speaking, yoga improves blood flow, flexibility, helps reduce inflammation and strengthens your muscles and bones as stated by Pureful Yoga. When you get older, practicing yoga might also reduce the chances of you suffering from heart diseases, circulatory problems, and diseases related to muscles and bones.

To begin learning yoga, you can actually find easy-to-understand beginner guides that provide doable 20 minutes routines you can try doing on a daily basis.

Adding Prayers to the Formula


Prayers are things that can soothe your emotions in many different ways. They are calls of hope, and promises of better days. In a way, people might find the strength to continue their day just by taking some time to pray for what they believe in.

Personally, we believe that praying has the power to improve yourself in many different ways, not only mentally and physically speaking since it also adds a spice of wisdom to your qualities. And wisdom is something that can improve your attitude, and the way you deal with life and its many challenges.

We also think that by praying, you might achieve a more optimistic perspective of life. It helps you be grateful for the good things of life, and understand how bad things are only temporary, and that there’s hope for better days to come.

You don’t have to be religious to enjoy the benefits of praying, though. Although praying is often linked to religion, there are many different types of praying.

A type of praying that involves using mantras is often used in yoga sessions. Mantras are repetitive sentences that you heard during a yoga session, or repetitive by yourself, be it mentally or verbally, to chase away negative thoughts.

Religious prayers are also effective, though, and they can be a powerful ally to maintain yourself strong in difficult times.

For example, you can find prayers for different situations here:

Don’t Lose Your Goal


Now, let’s say you’ve managed to improve your physical and mental well-being, thus, you’ve become calmer and happier. Do you think that is enough for yourself? We would certainly believe there’s much more to do, and that involves racing towards your goal.

We all have things we want to do. And it’s never too late to chase these things. We’ve witnessed people graduating from college at 50, and people learning how to learn a foreign language at 30. It’s never too late, regardless of what other people might say.

What ultimately decides it is you, and how much are you willing to give in order to achieve your goals. The reason why being physically and mentally healthy is important is that your mind and body are the tools that help you enjoy life, and face its challenges with expertise.

If you are not strong in both ways, you won’t be able to remain disciplined and be decisive. If you are not stable, you won’t be able to cross that thing thread. If you are not calm, you won’t be able to make decisions.

That’s why, once you’ve achieved calm, work towards your goal. It’s better to be happy while doing something you love than being satisfied with doing something you don’t.