Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A User Review

Xiaomi splits its offer on smartphones into two categories: the MI category where all the high range phones fall into and the REDMI the category where the most acceptable smartphones by users at attractive prices find a place.

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A is a device thought for those who especially prefer a big screen mobile, with a size of 5.5 inches, but with a thigh budget for acquiring a mid-range smartphone. This machine is provided within a certain limited characteristics shared by all the phones that lie in the Note 5 family. One of these restrain characteristics is the resolution of the screen limited to 720 x 1080 pixels with a 267dpi as it is compared with Note 4 models that feature full HD resolution.

But what is lack in resolution, it is heighten in power. The Redmi Note 5A has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 425, quad core, at 1.4 GHz with a GPU Adreno 308 processor. This central brain is accompanied by a 2GB RAM and a 16 GB internal memory, enough for basic tasks and operation.

The camera settings are the usual for these sorts of smartphones with the rear camera at 13MP with an open range of f/2.2 and 5MP for the front one with one of f/2.0. The photos taken by this device are fairly good, but some lack in details and sharpness would be kind of troublesome if you are a avid fan of photography. Recording videos lies in the same category as the photos, something expected in this type of mid-range smartphones.

The battery will be enough for a day of standard usage, due to the 3080 mAh feature. The device works on Android 7.1.1 which allows the phone to work properly with some demanding applications. The Quick Charge feature is included, taking two hours for a full charge.

Gaming performance is generally very good, but some skipped frames should be expected in some 3D games when they are played in the best graphic settings.

Connectivity is not an issue with this product, lying in the decent area at the moment of using Wi-fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and the average use of calling and answering calls.

Although, the phone offers a good deal of features for its price (around $120), the improvement over previous devices from the same line are not notorious. Even tough, it is a solid device and a reasonable investment for people with budget restrictions