Whatsapp Comes Up with New Feature for Group Chats and Privacy

Whatsapp now has a new feature available on Whatsapp application exclusively on android beta 2. 18. 132 version.  The feature is that where the group administrator of the designated group can now decide as to which group member can have the power to make changes and edits in the group, regarding the display picture and group name and which person needs to be taken out of the group. This feature will be made available to various other operating systems, such as windows, iPhone etcetera. This can be found under group info.

This Whatsapp feature can be found under group info, as said above. The directions are here as follows:- You can go to group info first, then you can go to group settings, then you will see many options, and then you can go to edit group info. This will direct you to a page where you can change or decide the people who can modify the different features. You can choose between only admin and all participants, and you can also choose the other people in the group who can have authority over the group and make edits.

As per the report available in Whatsapp’s official website, it has been said that none of these features might be available today but will be available on time since tomorrow. There are also new features to be updated soon in this year. This has been started to be tested since November and will include features like to be disabled due to default.

There are a certain restrictive features too in this such as blocking certain participants from the group and not allowing them to send pictures, live location, messages, images and videos. There is also another feature where the admin can choose who can message the admin privately or the people can remotely message to the admin in the group without other people’s knowledge. Also, the sender in the group has to ask the permission of the admin before forwarding anything in the group, be it a PDF.

WABeta Info has claimed that the features will be coming to iPhones and Windows, but as per the report the feature has not been updated yet on the iPhone devices. The feature was first brought into the android phones back in February and it was promised that it will be available in sometime in other system operated phones.

This new feature is called the Restricted Group feature. Whatsapp had this feature being rolled out during the late months of last year and more features have been added to it that has been launched today. There are a lot of chatting applications but they are not a widely used as whatsapp. Whatsapp is used worldwide and over 1. 3 billion people use it. Hence it is becoming a muddled application and needs some sort of correction to make it work efficiently for the users. These features also make the application a well managed system.