Walmart Easter Sales, Easter Sales 2018 Deals

The American multination retail corporation Walmart has taken Easter very seriously and has made sure that you can find everything you are looking for there. As it is usual, Walmart offers a great selection of Easter themed products so people can enjoy their easter at full length. And this year is not different since they have made a great effort in putting together a lot of products carefully selected for you and your family.

In food, they are offering delicious Yukon Potatoes at only $3.97. There is also Frozen Bone-in Turkey perfect fr sharing with the whole family at $1.68 per lb as well as Sam’s Choice Bone-in Spiral Cut Ham at just 1.98 per lb. which can be accompanied by delicious Sam’s Choice Sweet Hawaiian Rolls. These make perfect elements to cook a delicious meal during Easter and spend some quality time with your family.

And if you are planning on giving snacks to those you love the most there is also a great variety in Easter-related sweets. There are Pink bunnies at a special price of $1.24 each. There are also Eater M&M’s Milk Chocolate as well as Starburst Original Jelly Beans at the small price of $1.99, they are certainly irresistible. If you are a chocolate lover there’s also Dove Milk Chocolate Bunny at only $3.48. And the special kid’s-favorite Easter Kinder Joy at a special prices of only $1.24.

Following the egg idea, we also have Cadbury Crème Egg 5 Pack at the special price of $3.48 per pack or the egg-shaped Topps Spring Mix at $3.00 each one. For the same price you could get Brach’s Bunny Ears Egg or Trolli Crazy Hair. These incredible Easter offers also include Reese’s 3D 12 Pack at an amazing price of $7.88 or get the 12 Pack of Cadbury Crème Egg for the same price which is also very good.

Walmart’s real safe for this Easter is a great Selection of Dresses for women. The prices for these magnificent dresses start at $13.88. It is recommendable to drop by the store in order to avoid the $5 ship fee.