Is Vitamin D Really Effective For Cold and Flu – Facts and Myths

Over the years, research was being conducted and Studies revealed vitamin having great potential of being more effective than flu vaccine. You may want to ask how I guess, well to answer your question let me give an example of a situation that occurred in which vitamin D supplement proved its worth.  In the year 2014, analysis of the effectiveness of flu vaccine was tested when a large number of people of about 70000 were on trials and 27 were in group.

About 25000 were presented as case study; the It incorporated a huge amount of data including clinical trials with over 70,000 people, of which 27 were comparative cohort studies a Cochrane review showed there was 1.4 % response rate after about 69 persons were vaccinated with a flu vaccine to prevent influenza. Then in the year 2010, some children of about 334 in number were placed under treatment with vitamin D supplement. After some months, there was 7.8% reduction from the flu virus. The illustration proved the worth of vitamin in treating flu compared to the slow effect of the flu vaccine.

It would be considered a big understatement to even compare the flu vaccine to vitamin D as vitamin positively affects   the epigenetics in people.  The way it works is by it improving the genes and replenishing it.  Vitamin D unlike the flu vaccine has some advantages such as ; to reduce diabetics, boosting the immune system, building of strong bones, running nose and a whole  lot more. Most importantly, note the following.

  • Vitamin D is mostly gotten from sun rays and a good knowledge of when and how it is gotten is important.
  • The absorption to the skin can take a while and cleaning or bathing can reduce the effect and assimilation after staying under the sun for long hours, so be very careful.
  • For inhabitants in the Northern areas, vitamin D is recommended for deficiencies.
  • Vitamin D tends to be cheaper and affordable than the normal flu vaccine taken which can make one run out of cash.

About the flu vaccine, we can say it is just about 40%effective and is considered useful if the flu completely stops. Vitamin D and the flu vaccines work in different ways and methods to stop or reduce flu virus.  A Japanese research team came out with a point that to an extent, vitamin D fights influenza

Sources of vitamin D

Apart for naturally getting vitamin D from sunlight from its rays, it can also be gotten from foods like eggs, beef liver fish, grains , milk and some other foods just to mention a few.

Quite a good number of people still believe that the annual vaccine they take for flu still helps them prevent flu. But with the above example, benefits and illustration, you can gather that Vitamin tends to be more rapid and the  best for treating flu. So now before going to the clinic or hospital, you would have known how to prevent it faster, easier and more cheaper.