[VIDEO] Jewellery Worth 3 Lakh Robbed At A Conference in Bengaluru

BENGALURU: In a call by only occasion that was arranged in one of the famous five-star hotels in Bangalore, jewellery of a value around 3-3.5 lakh Rs was stolen. The jewellery was owned by a geneticist residing in Mumbai, Manjeet Mehta. According to the recordings provided by CCTV camera, the jewellery owner Dr Manjeet Mehta lodged an FIR in the nearest police station.

The victim was one amongst the famous speakers who were invited to this conference.  Manjeet Mehta was slated to address the conference on 25th of may. She is the head of the department at Dr Lal Path Labs at Metropolis, Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital and has an experience of more than thirty years.  According to the sources, the jewellery of Manjeet Mehta was stolen on 24th May while she was focused in listening to the speeches given by the other speakers.

According to the victim, she took off her entire valuables and then kept the same in her purse beside her. When she came back to her hotel room after the lecture was over she found her purse to be empty.  She immediately told about this to the organizers of the event. Soon they checked CCTV footage and found a man who was also a spotted in participant photograph stealing the jewellery from Manjeet’s purse. According to Manjeet Mehta, the culprit stole the jewellery from her purse within ten minutes and the CCTV camera showed the thief coming and sitting after her. She added that the man entered the hall without any authorization; she further added that this fraud man even adjusted his seat to have an easy access to the purse of this lady.

The victim and the entire team of organizers were hopeful that the man will show up on the very next day of the conference but he did not turn up. Due to this Manjeet went to police to register her complaint.

The exhibition manager for the event, Maninderjit Singh told the media that the man that took out the jewellery of Manjeet got into the hall without any permission and he entered along with the invited scientist group. He was further carrying a badge that all other participants were wearing but according to the authority it was not provided by any of the organizers.

The exhibition manager put the accusation on the security team of the hotel and their organizers for the thievery but the hotel manager of Le Meridien hotel, the hotel which played host for the event said that the hotel placed a very tight security to ensure the safety of the guests and blamed the organizers for mismanagement. He said that the culprit walked in with the group of scientists, wearing the same badge as all other participants and the hotel cannot stop a participant from entering into the hall.