10 Clever Ways to Use a Vegetable Peeler

Most of us can come up with at least five tools or objects that can be used to the most of their potential for some aims that naturally come to our mind when we think of them – even if it’s not their primary purpose. For example, using a fork to open a bottle instead of an opener, using your razor to remove the sweater fuzz, or maybe using the ruler to put the eyeliner on in a perfect way. These days, you can imagine the smallest possible inconvenience some home action requires you to go through – there will always be a tool that will resolve it and turn a demanding activity into quite a fun one.

When you think of the kitchen tools, there are many of those that are interchangeable with one another, like vegetable peeler and knife. Yet, once you get used to the first one instead of the second while peeling your favorite fruit, you might forget you’ve ever used a knife for it at all. Now, finding a place for this super handy tool isn’t that hard, but finding more uses for it can be a journey that’ll help you in multiple ways.

1. Cut vegetables into ribbons

Source: thekitchn.com

Do you like vegetables that look like spaghetti? Maybe your child likes spaghetti but doesn’t like vegetables? With the perfect tool and a bit of imagination, you can serve your child spaghetti veggies that’ll have both health benefits and perfectly attractive shape and appearance.

2. Slice cheese into thin pieces

Source: pexels.com

Some dishes require special types of cutlery to be used – not only when tasting them but also while preparing them. But what if you don’t have all you need due to any potential reason, and you still wish to make it look as fantastic as you imagined? Let’s say you’re preparing some delicious pasta and you’re missing the cheese knife to cut those thin pieces of cheese for the garnering? Your peeler can act as one and create tiny cheese slices perfect for your dream dinner.

3. Curl your chocolate

Source: bhg.com

If you love making birthday cakes or cakes in general, especially when they include around half a kilogram of chocolate inside and outside, then this might be a perfect idea for you. Full brownie choco cake can be decorated quite artistically, but have you ever considered making special edible ornaments from its major ingredient? Allow the chocolate to get wild and make it curl by peeling its surface, creating thin slices that start folding and making the beautiful decoration for the candle that will sit in the middle at the same time.

4. Apply frozen butter

Source: pexels.com

Butter can be quite hard to spread – but frozen butter makes it near to impossible to make an even, full-piece covered layer of rich taste and milky savor. It doesn’t have to be that hard if you have a strong, sharp, and high-quality utensil like the one found on the OliveBranchKC website at your disposal. Pieces like this one, made according to ergonomic standards in order to fit your hand in a perfect way, will create this sweet cover for your ideal breakfast.

5. Peel vs. grate

Source: flickr.com

Imagine you’re preparing a cocktail and you do want to put the scent of lime or lemon inside, but you’re sick of grating it each and every time. It’s great to have a peeler in such cases since lemon crust doesn’t need to be zested at all times – it can be cut in this way, too, and used as a fantastic decoration instead.

6. Chalk sharpening

Source: burford.co.uk

Chalks can be used by the kids and adults – wherever the concrete or blackboard allows it. Also, tailors use them to make the marks on the material that needs to be stitched and cut. If the chalk needs some sharpening, this peeler can make it happen. Starting from the kitchen, workshop, or classroom, all the way to the playground – whenever you need it.

7. No more celery strings

Source: bbcgoodfood.com

Celery is a healthy vegetable, yet we certainly know how those strings coming out of it can be annoying. In case you want to make them disappear, simply use this utensil to get rid of them by ‘shaving’ the curved side.

8. Decorations

Source: darkroom.baltimoresun.com

Almost every fruit, from mango to apple or from orange to pear, can be shaped by carving and making any form your heart desires out of it. When you come up with the idea of making a beautifully decorated fruit salad or a simple edible adornment for a certain dish, using a pointed side of a peeler like this might help. Just make reefs down the sides and horizontally, while making the slices look plaid. And if you fill the gaps with melted chocolate and let it thicken, your little creation will be more than stunning.

9. Seed remover

Source: pinterest.com

The same way you use the pointed side for decorating the fruit skin and the inner parts of it, you can use it to remove some parts that your hands shouldn’t touch directly,  like hot spicy seeds of chili. Cutting off the top and then making round movements around the middle of the pepper with your favorite tool will remove the seeds and your hands will remain safe.

10. A whole strawberry for you

Source: pexels.com

Such a small fruit that tastes so good. Even when you eat the full bowl, you still want more. If you have it with chocolate or whipped cream on top, even better. You don’t want to dispose of any more parts of it than necessary. The best way to get the biggest part of the fruit is to use the pointed side of the utensil and remove the stem only. Can you feel your strawberry bowl becoming a bit heavier?


The list goes on and on. Even if our counting stops here, we do believe that there are even more ways of using this tiny miraculous peeler that is yet to be found. Set your imagination free and think of more ideas – we’re sure you’ll thank yourself once you start realizing how these tips keep making a great chef out of you!