True Value Weekly Ads, Flyers and Deals

For the month of April, True Value fare providing the following bargains for your consideration. Here are the offers from this month:

  • Preen® Extended Weed Preventer offered at its 4.39 pound presentation with an original sale price of 18.99 dollars receive a $5 mail-in discount leaving it at a final price of $13.99 with a limited acquisition of 1 item per household. Taxes go by the responsibility of the consumer and its buying is restricted to certain areas, for instance it is not available in New York
  • Red, Black, or Brown Mulch from Green Thumb® is available at prices of your choice from 5 to 15 dollars. They can be delivered totally free to the store closest to your home within a period of 3 to 8 days for arrival.
  • Solar Path lights are offered in 8-piece pack for $14.99 with home delivery from store.
  • A LED Flashlight is part of the products provided at their site and stores. With aircraft aluminum, this item can be acquired at $29.99 and it can be also delivered to a ship closest to your house or directly to your place of living. In any case, a period of 3 to 8 days would be given to allow the product to arrive either the store or your home.
  • To help maintain your garden free of weed, True Value have included the Concentrated Weed B Gon product at its 32 oz. presentation. This item can be delivered to a store closest to your neighborhood or straight to your house by paying just 6.99 dollars saving 22% from the original price.
  • To keep your garden well lighted, 30 Lumen Solar Spot Lights are provided at $14.99 saving $10 from the original price. As other products offered by their store and site, this item can be delivered home in 3 to 8 day period or to the store closest to you, at your convenience.

The prices shown in these offers are exclusively for online buying. The costs would vary in the store as well as the availability of any of the items mentioned above.

All the offers expire at the end of the month, but more products on sale will be provided in future months. Check out True Value website and stores to be well informed about our next bargains.