Top Websites and Apps to watch Mumbai Indians Vs. Delhi Daredevils Online

Cricket is one of the most well-known games in the world and India has countless numbers of fans. They do not like to miss any single cricket match but because of their busy lifestyle, watching cricket matches live on TV is impossible.

Smartphone and internet have made our life easier. Today anyone can watch IPL 2018 League matches easily on the go. And if you are in your office and want to enjoy live IPL 2018 matches on your computer screen, several websites are also available.

If you are eager to watch Mumbai Indians Vs. Delhi Daredevils live match online, you can use following Android apps and Websites to watch live IPL match for free.

Cricbuzz – Live Cricket Scores & News:

Cricbuzz is the most famous and widely used apps and website for news and live cricket match scores. This is the best app with superb features that make cricket lovers happy to enjoy their perfection. Using this app, you get all the updates on every ball and also you can enjoy previous matches and scores. In addition, you can track all information of the cricket match stats. You can also see stats of the players and their records. You can take advantage of complete cricket information from your profile page about your favorite player.


This is also one of the best apps to get live IPL match 2018 streaming on your mobile phone. This app lets you watch cricket live TV from any place. You can use this app for free but you need to pay 299 Rs. subscriptions so you can watch exclusive movies and TV shows. Using Hotstar, you can enjoy Live IPL 2018 with your entire family.

The ESPN Cricket App:

ESPN Cricket app offers you the flexibility to watch the record of the cricketer, the history of the previous match. You can also track your favorite team or player. Also, you can get every detail on Live Scores. There are many fans who keep updating cricket related content on this app. Fans can also bookmark interesting things related to the IPL which you can watch later.

Jio TV:

In IPL, every ball is changing the game and if you do not want to miss any single ball on the go, Jio TV is one of the best apps to download and watch. It can be accessed by all the Jio Prime Members.

Play Buzz:

If you are worried to miss tonight’s exiting IPL match, do not worry. Play Buzz gives you the best picture quality without any buffering of the videos. Play Buzz can be downloaded easily on Android, Windows, and iOS smartphones. This app will definitely not let you down and you will enjoy the live streaming of the match to the fullest.

Airtel TV app:

If you will start watching live streaming of IPL 2018 on Airtel TV app, you will not put it down. You need to register first using your mobile number and then you are able to watch live match all day long without any interruption. Live streaming on this app is totally free. So if you want to buck up your team, download and enjoy Airtel TV app.

Official IPL app:

There is also official IPL app is available which provides live video match without any buffering so you can enjoy every ball on the go. You can also listen to live commentary using this app.