Top Memorial Day Weekend Rentals 2018

Selecting your hotel in the USA for Memorial Day weekend is a key factor in making your weekend a success or a disaster. The best hotels in the USA are those that offer a festive atmosphere and are located in different areas of several cities. In this short summary, we will show you some of the offers that you can find in some or in the main cities of the country.


One of the main destinations for this weekend of the Memorial Day is the city of Miami. In this, you can find 3-star hotels from $ 36 per night and 4-star hotels from $ 101 per night. It will depend on the hotel you choose and the different services they can offer. Because you are in the city of Miami, you can find hotels with ocean views, in South Beach or in any other corner of this city that also offers nights full of activities in which most visitors can participate.

New Orleans

In New Orleans, many people are also present during these memorial days and for their lodging, they offer hotels from $ 61 per night and $ 86 per night in 3-star and 4-star hotels, respectively. Due to the little price difference, many of the visitors pay for the 4-star hotel.

Las Vegas

For the weekend of Memorial Day, Las Vegas is not less visited. In fact, it is one of the main cities where this day is celebrated and everything that happened so many years ago. For this date, you can find 3-star hotels from $ 69 per night and $ 83 per night at 4-star hotels.

San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the cities with the most expensive accommodations in the country. Hotels can vary in $ 89 to $ 155 per night. This will also depend on the hotel; if it is three stars or 4 stars, but these really are the cheapest prices of hotels in the city.

New York

New York does not stay out of this list. This is one of the cities that best celebrates the day of the fallen and therefore maintains offers in their hotels for these days. Three-star hotels can cost from $ 101 per night and four stars to $ 129 per night. Really accessible prices considering that this is one of the most expensive cities in the US.