The Memorial Day Weekend is time for remembering the America’s heroes who participated in the different international conflicts or whose lives were cut by any of these wars.

In Boston, Massachusetts, this celebration is done by paying tribute to all these heroes and heroines in an event taking place at Boston Commons. The popular location turns into a flag field when the Massachusetts Military Heroes Fund puts an amount of 30,000 flags or more as a tribute to America’s fallen soldiers. This is the main activity that most people visiting the city go and see.

On the other hand, shopping would be included in the trip during the holiday weekend and there is no better place than the South End Open Market @ Ink Block. In this place, artistic works, food trucks, and fresh ingredients for cooking dinner can be found during the two days getaway.

While staying in the city, a visit to the beach would be one of the best ideas a person can have. So pack all the necessary stuff to spend a day at the beach since there are plenty of places to enjoy a day at the sea. Places like Provincetown can be visited by taking a ferry trip with all the required anticipation to avoid traffic; but if the closeness to the city is a requirement, there beaches in Castle Island where the historical Fort Independence is placed and there is a great view of the USS Constitution. Also, the Boston Waterfront and Harborwalk is part of the city that has to be included in any plan during the holiday.

Parades are obligatory to stay and there are several of them in the whole state of Massachusetts. The one in Cambridge starts with a cannon salute at Cambridge Common and goes all the way through Harvard Square to Cambridge Cemetery. Other parades take place in places like Sommerville, Lnn, and Salem, to name a few.

Festivals such as the Paradise City Arts Festivals; walks around the historical places in the city that mark the road of American freedom; observe a street performance; or enjoy the different food places around Boston are all a person needs to enjoy a great Memorial Day Weekend trip.