Crazy Facts: Things That Will Blow Your Mind

People are frequently curious about anything; that’s why we keep on wanting to evolve and gain more wisdom along the road. One of God’s gifts to us is the process of acquiring and grasping more knowledge. It’s our ability that we make use of to learn a lot of things and question something for us to learn more. From the time people want to understand how an event happens or something works, they are driven to study anything and widen their knowledge.

As people get older and wiser, they are more aware that learning never stops, whether in school or outside the school. This article can also help you solve some mysteries or questions and offer facts that might be helpful soon. Aside from the facts that this article will give you, you can also check out more crazy facts that will amaze anyone. So, here’s a list of crazy facts that will surely blow your mind.

The Silent Hill Game is a Real-Life Place


If you want something that will fuel your nightmare curiosity, this scary horror game that is psychological is based initially on a real-world place. If you are brave enough, you might need to visit the area abandoned in Centralia, Pennsylvania. Some travelers already visited the site to confirm the Silent Hill type of ambiance and unsettling feeling.

While Silent Hill’s environment is like it can only exist in people’s nightmares, it’s a real-life location with a disastrous history. The place of Silent Hill in West Virginia is Centralia, Pennsylvania, in real life. Way back in 1962, there was an area which was burned the local landfill to clean up the waste. The burning fire was scattered through the openings and unsealed tunnels, reaching the deserted coal mine. Because of that, the flames of the fire ignite and burning until this very day.

The Inventor of Vaseline Used to Eat his Product


The man who invented Vaseline is Robert Chesebrough. He developed Vaseline way back in 1872 as a product for medicine. Mr. Robert, the maker of this unique product, trusted his product a lot: he took one spoon of it every day until his death at the age of 96. In the year 1859, he paid a visit to some fields of oil and learned about “road wax,” which needs to be frequently detached from the pumps. Mr. Robert knew that that wax was used by workers to treat cuts and burns, as he learned that he decided to start experimenting with it.

He spent lots of his time perfecting the process of purification and extraction before announcing this “Wonder Jelly” in public. He advertised his innovation by waking in the streets of New York City. He used a technique in which he used to burns his body part with an open fire (acid), then he applied Vaseline to the damaged body part to confirm people that it heals quickly. And by the year of 1874, the local stores were started selling above fourteen hundred jars of Vaseline in a day.

Fender Doesn’t Know How to Play Guitar


When people hear the word Fender, it would automatically ring a bell as an instrument and other things about music. However, the brand Fender was initially a repair service for radio. Fender started producing instrument products around the 1940s and releasing the mass-manufactured electric guitar, the 1950 Telecaster. It might sound ironic, but the founder, Leo Fender don’t know and never learned how to play the guitar. Instead, he focused on his crafts which is the electronics.

His mother gave birth to Leo in 1909, and they were from the Orange County of Los Angeles. The young man started working, and he was an accountant. But aside from his work, he is passionate about electronics. He had some piano lessons before jumping to the saxophone, but it wasn’t what he wants at all, and he did not try playing the guitar. He lost the job, and that’s the time he started to open his repair store.

Watching Horror Films Can Help You Lose Weight


If you are searching for a process that will boost your weight loss, then people might need to try a different type of marathon. Admittedly, running can get the heart beats fast, but watching eerie films can have the same effect. Adrenaline and fear can increase anyone’s heart rate, boosting the calories that we burn every day. However, a wrong sleeping pattern can decline the metabolism speed and will cancel the effect, and this is not recommended to people who get scared easily.

Some people breathe heavily, and their heart rate pumps up when they are watching scary films. But you can’t blame them because horror movies are there to scare people. While you shout, scream, and ask yourself why you are watching the movie, even though you already know how the story goes, it won’t hurt your health a bit. And some studies will explain why watching horror films can help you shed weight.

The tradition of Throwing Spices to Unmarried ones in Denmark


Some countries’ traditions are sometimes strange and weird, especially when you’re comparing them to the culture you belong to. Among those peculiar traditions, there is one of Denmark. If you live in Denmark and you’ve passed your 25th birthday being single and if you think that being alone on the day you’re born is terrible luck, just wait, there’s more to that. The people of Denmark will tie you to the chair or poles of the street pole and shower your whole body with cinnamon publicly.

If you’re still not in a relationship by the 25th birthday, people will tie you up in a chair and start throwing cinnamon. It might sound similar to a method of torture, but it is the tradition in Denmark. If you hit the 30 marks and you are still single by that time, people’s ammo choice will be upgraded into a pepper.


While there are still many things that you need to learn about this world that we are living in, you should embrace the knowledge that you will learn soon. If you are not satisfied with your current experience, then you are free to research more and gain more wisdom. It will help you be a wiser person, and that knowledge might get handly in the future.