The market penetration in South Africa by Chinese smart phone makers Huawei

The South African market has been viewed as a very important ground for Huawei where it is keen to focus on popular products rather than product promotion.

Since recent times Huawei has tasted excellent success in the South African smart phone market with its market share increasing to 16.3% over the past year, which can be attributed to the company’s capability to identify the preferences of the consumers with people wanting to buy smart phones with potent technology as well as better design at an affordable price which is similar to the needs of the market in Europe the strategy being different than the ones being implemented in China.

With this Huawei plan to take on the Apple and Samsung market share in South Africa and intends to launch budget as well as high-end phones wherein the company has seen more rapid development in the premium category rather than the mid range and low range line up.

At the moment Huawei is taking a standpoint in offering flagship models with competitive pricing attracting the local market while delivering localized services setting it at a distance from its competitors which it believes that the introduction of such devices catering to the local market will enhance the consumer experience with the added advantage of services exclusively to the South African smart phone market.

The P series saw big accomplishments for Huawei where it has seen an increase in sales to around 67% when the sales of the P9 and P10 where compared. With the flagship P20 line up it is expecting huge market sales where the previous sales have doubled last year and if things go well it could very well bring Huawei head to head with Apple and Samsung in 2018.

The anticipation is that the P20 is going to greatly surpass the P10’s sales where Huawei has quadrupled its supply for the P20 which has proved to be equally popular in Europe. The brand recognition till now has stood strong at 83%, while Huawei has strived in improving brand consideration. Attractive features such good camera quality, memory, OS along with battery as well as a host of up to date features will woo customers to invest in the P20 lineup.

Apart from the mid-segment it has also been observed that Huawei is keen on launching high-end smart phones with the confirmation of the Mate RS Porsche Design available in 256GB/512GB variants arriving in May, 2018 which initially will be seen having low shipments limiting to a thousand units due to its premium price tag. Huawei had earlier launched a similar high end smart phone being the Mate 10 Porsche Design which cost around R5000 in the South African Market and this time around it has set strategic and innovative campaigns in the near future with an array of mid-range and budget smart phones hitting the market.