9 Best Spots for Free Camping in NSW

Sometimes, you need to free yourself from the hustle and bustle of city life. Escape into the world of adventure. Go for that open road trip you’ve been craving with the wind sipping through your hair. You can also go for a week-long trip with friends. The only thing needed for this is a campervan road trip going to the best free camping in NSW.

Camping is an activity that we all love. It is a way to bind us with nature and to show us what we are truly capable of when “survival” is in question. Camping is the way to prove to yourself that you can go without certain things in life we have all grown accustomed to and it brings us a satisfaction that is hard to describe when you succeed in spending some time in a forest without your bed, mattress, your cosy chair or stable internet connection.

Going back to our roots and blending with nature is so great that everyone should do it at least once in their life.

Cub Campers compiled a list of the best free campsites in NSW to make the trip easier for you.

9. Free Camping in the Blue Mountains at Cathedral Reserve

Source: cathedralmountainlodge.com

Everyone loves the Blue Mountains. It is a beautiful camping spot amongst waterfalls, dramatic scenery, and the eucalyptus forests. This campground is on a flat green area in between the gum trees. After a ten-minute hike on Mount Wilson, you will come across the Cathedral of Ferns trail. This is a must-see trail for those who adore ferns. Ensure you take along your hiking boots because there are numerous bushwalks in the area.

A lot of fun, great scenery, good companions as well as lots of fun are guaranteed so make sure that you don’t miss out on visiting this spot.

8. Gum Bend Lake Near Condobolin

Source: visitnsw.com

Camping near a beautiful and calm lake can bring so much peace to your soul. There is something about being and sleeping next to water you can see and hear that is almost therapeutic. It probably awakens the primal instincts that are long asleep and brings us that feeling of peace and familiarity.

This lake has numerous walking trails that will keep you active all day long, and it is tranquil and peaceful throughout the year. During the winter, don’t worry about visiting the lake because they offer flushing toilets and hot steaming showers, including barbecue pits to make good camping meals.

7. Peaceful Free Camping at Swans Creek Crossing

Source: campsaustraliawide.com

This serene creek is just between Taree & Kempsey. It is the ideal forest campground for your camping retreat or campervan. 16 kilometres northwest of Kendall, the creek is a peaceful, quiet, and free campsite with enough facilities that will keep you comfortable in the Kerewong National Forest. The creek has tons of great swimming holes and lots of walking trails to exercise your legs.

There is always someone here and there are spaces and activities for the youngest ones. Camping with your entire family is surely a plus on this spot and believe us that no one will be bored there.

6. Murphy’s Glen – Free Camping in the Blue Mountains

Source: travellers-autobarn.com.au

This is another free campsite located in the magnificent Blue Mountains. Get your luggage ready and head towards Murphy’s Glen. You’ll come across lots of stunning lookouts and small pools that will make your days on the mountain blissful. This spot offers a lot of nice scenery, it is beautifully tucked, peaceful and quiet. This spot is perfect for a spiritual reset and recharge.

5. Old Olney Bordered by 3 National Parks

Source: campsaustraliawide.com

Do you adore State Forests and National Parks? If you do, then this Park is the one for you. The forest has been in the business of cultivating timber for about a hundred years now. With this history comes a mystical element. It is an award-winning campsite that will make an instant impression on you the moment you are there.

Trails that offer nice, scenic and long walks, places for rest are all you need and it is all that Old Olney offers. If you still haven’t been here, make sure you go and check it out, you won’t regret it.

4. Canoeing and Bird Watching in Ellenborough Reserve

Source: smartcamper.com.au

This beautiful Reserve spreads across 500 meters North of Oxley Highway. If you are a fan of seeing wildlife, kayaking, or canoeing, this is a perfect destination. It is home to lots of birds such as the bowerbirds, king parrots, and kingfishers. You can also opt for some fishing here and a nice BBQ by the water. This will make you feel like you are in some sort of movie because it is surreal how beautiful this site is.

3. Peaceful Free Camping Near Sydney – Wingello State Forest in the Southern Highlands

Source: concreteplayground.com

Wingello is a beautiful forest of plantations. This forest has about fifty campgrounds you can camp in. It is a five minutes drive from the small Wingello town. If you love trees and clear nights where you can see all the constellations with bare eyes then this place is for you. It will offer a lot of diversity when it comes to trees, shrubs, fern, mushrooms, a full forest experience that you will love from minute one.

2. Green Patch, Jervis Bay

Source: parksaustralia.gov.au

Picture gorgeous scenery, dolphins playing in the sea, turquoise waters, and white sands, and you have the perfect picture of Green Patch. Here, the water is your best friend. Swim on the beach and watch locals’ scuba diving. If you are a fan of water, sandy beaches and all-night bone fire with friends and family then this place has your name written all over. It is a place from movies, a bit tucked away, a bit private and a whole beach for you and friends. Words can’t describe this place, you would have to go and see it for yourself if you still haven’t.

1. Oxley Wild Rivers

Source: wikimedia.org

Drift into the waterfalls and dramatic rainforest of Oxley Wild Rivers. This campground features jaw-dropping wildlife, massive wilderness areas, scenic rivers, dramatic gorges, waterfalls, and unusually dry rainforest. This is a place that offers the most. Here you have it all – mountains, rivers, waterfalls – pick your place to cam and enjoy. If you are bored of one place move just a bit in any direction and you have new scenery that will blow you away.